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Student Job

You are allowed to work 15 hours per week and full time during the summer months i.e. June, July and August.

Note that if you work more than 15 hours per week and more than full time (i.e. 37 hours) in June, July and August and you get caught, the Danish Immigration Service is by law obligated to withdraw your student residence permit.

If you do not know Danish here are some possibilities:

  1. Jobs at cafés or restaurants – several students have in the past found jobs doing dishes or other jobs that did not require knowledge of Danish
  2. Cleaning jobs. The word for a cleaning company in Danish is “Rengøringsfirma”. You may find something there
  3. Hotels in town may have jobs that are an option for non Danish speakers.
  4. Newspaper delivery. Contact your local newspaper.
  5. Work in green houses around Funen. Look up the word “Gartneri” on the internet or the phone book. Stop by to find out if they could use somebody to help out there.
  6. Whatever else you can think of - have a look at Work in Denmark

You should know that the minimum pay in Denmark is about DKK 100. You may find jobs that pay more than the minimum pay, but you should expect to get at least the minimum pay. Make sure to get a written contract.

Most companies pay their employees through the employee’s bank account. If you get a job, your employer will therefore ask you for your Danish bank account number i.e. your “nem konto”. This “nem konto” is the account where your pay will be deposited.

Michael from Ireland studied Biology. He found a job in a local bar during his studies.

Last Updated 04.03.2020