Living Expenses

Living expenses on a monthly basis in DKK

Rent: This varies depending on which campus city you live in. Please see the Accommodation website for more specific information:

Food: 1300-2100 (€173-280)

Transport: Approx. 260 (€35)*

Books: 500-600 (€67-80)

*Monthly bus card with student discount. There can be price variations depending on which campus city you live in. Please check with the local transportation provider.

Living expenses vary according to personal requirements and standards.

Prices to expect when you go out: a meal costs approx. DKK 120 (€ 16), a soft drink DKK 20 (€ 2.7), and a beer DKK 30 (€ 4).

Examples of prices at the super market: a litre of milk DKK 6 (€ 0.8) and sandwich bread DKK 12 (€ 1.6).

In total a person studying in Denmark should expect to need about DKK 5000 (€675) on a monthly basis. This does not include the deposit for a room. One euro is approx. DKK 7.5.

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