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Handling of student data

According to Danish legislation on personal information, the University of Southern Denmark is required to inform you that the personal information on your application form will be registered in the Student Administrative System (the STADS system) at the university where it will be handled confidentially.

The university is also able to get information concerning your Danish postal address through the National Register in Denmark. The purpose of this registration is to enable the university to advise you and look after your interests as a student.

The University of Southern Denmark does not pass on any of the registered information unless it is required by law, is necessary in order to protect your interests as a student, or is necessary in order for the university to fulfill its purpose as a public institution of education.

Legislation ensures that you can get access to and confirm the personal information registered about you. Should you wish to file a complaint about the way this information is handled by the University of Southern Denmark, please contact: Datatilsynet; email: dt@datilsynet. dk.

Last Updated 28.08.2018