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Bank Account

You can open an account in a Danish bank upon arrival, but due to Danish tax laws you are not allowed to withdraw money from the account until you have a Danish

Non-EU/EEA Citizens
Since you have your residence permit when you arrive to Denmark, you can go straight to the National Register to register. It means that you receive your Danish in two or three weeks. It means that you can open a bank account and withdraw money after two-three weeks.

EU/EEA Citizens
You have to apply for residence permit once you arrive in Denmark. It varies how long it takes to get your residence permit – typically 4-8 weeks. When you have your residence permit, you can go to the National Register to register. After 2-3 weeks, you get your Danish If you have opened up a bank account on arrival, it takes between 6-10 weeks before you can withdraw money from the account.

We therefore strongly recommend that you either bring

  1. an international credit card with a high withdrawal limit per month or
  2. enough cash to pay the deposit, the first month’s rent and money to live for the first 1-2 months (2 months if you are an EU/EEA citizen)
  3. a combination of the two above
  4. pay the deposit and rent by bank transfer (an option for students coming to Odense – you receive information about this when you receive information on your accommodation) and enough money to live on

Last Updated 28.08.2018