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Self Service

The University has an electronic self-service system where you, among other things can find and print your transcripts and see your registered courses.

The first time you log on you cannot do it in the assigned computer room because the computers require password information. To find your user name and password, you can use one of the computers in the library.

The instructions below explain how to get your user name and password:

On the following webpage: you have to choose “English” and then “login” in the top right corner. A new window called “Login” will open and here you have to choose “E-mail, e-learn/Blackboard, selfservice - use the IT-facilities for students”. Another window called “Welcome to SDU Single Sign-On will open and here you have to choose “Access/change password”. When you have chosen this, another window called “Konto systemet på SDU” will open and here you have to choose “English” again and now you can login with:

  • your exam no., which is stated on your student card (6 digits) – the exam number was also given to you when you ordered your student card. If you have lost the number and still have not received your card, please contact staff in Student Services.
  • and your Civil Reg. No. - type in your constructed cpr. no. which is your birthday (dd/mm/yy) and the first two letters of your name and the first letter of your surname. If you are male add the number 1 and if you are female add the number 2. Click on Login. Example: If your name was Peter Hanson and you were born on the 3rd of July 1981, your constructed cpr. no. would look like this: 030781-PEH1

Now you are at the page with user name, password and email address and you are all set (you are to change the password the first time you logon).


IT facilities

The University provides IT facilities for all the students when being on campus. Upon your arrival you will receive your username and password to access the facilities. This will make it possible for you to use the computers at the campus or accessing WIFI on your own laptop.

Visit this page to read more about the IT Facilities of SDU.

Last Updated 28.08.2018