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Getting here

When you are accepted to SDU there are some things you need to do before you arrive in Denmark. You will receive instructions along with your enrollment letter. So you know what to expect there are also instructions below.

Before you arrive

At the University of Southern Denmark every student needs a Student Card.

You are asked to order a Student Card online. You receive information on how to order a Student Card in an email when you have been accepted.
Your Student Card is a plastic card with information on your 6 digit exam number printed on it. You receive it on arrival at the university .

Your Student Card serves several purposes:

  • Identification during exams. When you take a written exam, you need to show your Student Card to verify that you can take the exam.
  • Key to the campus and to the facilities of your area of study e.g. IT facilities, labs etc. With your Student Card you can unlock the doors after hours if you for example, need to work at the computers.
  • The processing of username and password is connected to your student ID. If you have not ordered the Student Card your access to computers is delayed.
  • The Student Card also gives access to discounts in the University bookshop and several places down town.

See more information about your Student Card.

When you have been registered at the University of Southern Denmark and have received your student ID, you will also receive a letter with a username and a password to log on to the Student Self-Service.

The student self-service can be used for a number of things:

You can register for the exams or cancel exams, see exam results and printed them. Furthermore you have access to e-learn and you get an email account, where you will receive general information regarding the University and your studies.


You will have your own email address when you have registered.

For more information visit Student Self-Service Guide or Student Services.

You'll need to explore what courses are available for your first semester. Depending on your study programme you may have compulsory courses as well as electives. You should use the self-service to register for courses.

If you have applied from a non-EU country then you will need to contribute to your tuition fees before you arrive.

You will also need to apply for your residence permit before you get to Denmark.

When you arrive

  1. First of all, for many full-degree students and exchange students, when you arrive at your Campus city, you will be greeted by a Buddy. This is a current SDU student. They will give you the keys to your apartment if you decide to use the university’s guaranteed accommodation. You may also receive a welcome package with some food, kitchen utensils, bed-sheets and surprises! Your Buddy can answer any specific questions you have about the town.
  2. You’ll need to get yourself a bike! No matter which of our Five campus you end up in, it’s going to be a bicycling city!
  3. Come to your orientation day to meet new friends and learn everything you need to know about your study programme and life at your campus city. You’ll get an email with the dates when you’re study application is accepted.
  4. When you are registered at University, you will receive your username and password to our student self-service. It's called Blackboard. On it you can view your courses, schedule and exams. You can only access this after your orientation day.
  5. If you haven’t done so already (non-EU nationals need to apply before they arrive) you will apply for your residence permit and your CPR-number. Don’t worry about this one, the university will assist you when you get here.
  6. Go to class, pass your exams, and have fun!

Meet a buddy

Name: Peter
Country: Denmark
Study programme: Business, Language and Culture - Negot

What do you do as a buddy?
As a buddy you pick up 1 or 2 international students at the train station when they arrive in Odense, you bring them to their apartments and make sure they have a pleasant start to their stay. Furthermore you’ll be placed in a buddy group, consisting of about 3 buddies, with whom you can arrange activities or just a simple dinner for the students - if you want to. All buddies are volunteers so it’s completely up to yourself to decide how much time you want to invest in the buddy program.

What made you want to be a buddy?
First time I went abroad myself, I arrived in Spain without knowing anyone - I just had an address to the place I was going to stay. It took me a long time getting to know the city and I realized how big a help it would have been if someone had picked me up and told me a little about the city. It’s a small gesture, but it makes a great difference for students arriving. In addition to that, the international students are always very open-minded and simply just great people to hang out with.

Last Updated 28.08.2018