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Accommodation in Odense

With some 200,000 inhabitants, Odense is the third largest city in Denmark. It's name comes from Odin, chief of the ancient Viking gods.

Odense was built around a sacred spot where Odin was worshiped more than 1000 years ago. Read more about the city of Odense in our guide to Campus Life.

Application and terms

How to apply for accommodation

Simply fill out the online form at

Application Deadlines

Autumn semester: 1 May
Spring semester: 1 November
Applications received after deadline cannot be guaranteed accommodation!

Contact information

In person: Campus House, Campusvej 1, ground floor, 5230, Odense M, Denmark
Phone: +45 6550 2053


Please note that the guarantee for accommodation only applies once. If you decide to extend your stay, you will either have to keep your accommodation or give it up and find something new on your own.

If you leave Denmark for a period of time (eg. sabbatical leave, internship or exchange stay) we cannot guarantee new accommodation for you when you return to Denmark.

We will, of course, try to help you as best we can. If we find accommodation for you, please note that you cannot expect to get a room before 15 February. Many students have exams until the end of January and will not vacate the rooms before then. Due to this overlap, we will probably not be able to offer you an accommodation by 1 February.

Details of the terms are stated in the relevant application form. Read the terms carefully before signing and sending the accommodation form.

When do you receive information

You will receive an email with your offer for accommodation from the Odense Accommodation Office. You can expect to receive this email from 15th June for the autumn semester and from 15th November for the spring semester. This is true if you applied for accommodation by the application deadline. 

Deadline for accepting your offer for accommodation

Please note that you will have 7 days to accept the offer for accommodation. If you do not accept the offer before the deadline, the offer will be cancelled, and you cannot expect to get another offer.

Accommodation possibilities

Student halls

You are placed in an off campus student hall or in private accommodation. In general, you will be expected to share kitchen and/or bathroom with one or more persons. You are likely to share kitchen and/or bathroom with a person of the opposite sex. On rare occasions, you may share kitchen and/or bathroom with a person who is not a student. The rooms vary in size and are typically between 10-16 m2. The rent can be up to 4000 DKK.

Furniture and equipment

Your room will be furnished with a bed, a desk, shelves, chair and a lamp. We recommend that you bring a sleeping bag for the first few nights if you are not bringing along duvet and pillow. Full degree students also get a linen and kitchen package.

  • Linen package:
    • In some cases linen packages and kitchen boxes will be included in the accommodation offer. If not included in the accommodation offer, the Accommodation Office supplies our full degree students with a linen package consisting of a bed pad, duvet, pillow, 2 sets of bedclothes, 2 towels and 2 bath towels, 2 wash cloths and a package of dish towels.
  • Kitchen package:
    • You get a kitchen package that consists of plates, cups, glasses, cutlery, kitchen utensils, pots and pans.

Internet access

All accommodations has Internet access

Accommodation requests

You are welcome to put in a request if you know which of our accommodation options you would prefer, but we cannot guarantee you'll be offered your request.

You can state your request in the “General comments” section when you fill out your application.

Available student halls in Odense

a) Rasmus Raskkollegium
640 rooms in an international environment, situated in the western part of Odense, 7 km to the University, 4 km to the centre of town. The largest student hall in the city. A mixture of Danish and international students at both bachelor and master level. You share a kitchen and bathroom with one other student – maybe of the opposite sex. Every room has internet access. Duvet, pillow and bed sheets must be brought along or purchased in Denmark . No kitchen utensils, so you need to bring kitchen utensils or rent it from the Student Shop (on a first-come, first-serve basis).

b) H.C. Ørstedskollegium
520 rooms, 4 km from the centre of town, 1 km to the university. A mixture of Danish and international students at both master and bachelor level. You have your own bathroom and share kitchen with 14 other students. Duvet, pillow and bed sheets must be brought along or purchased in Denmark.

c) Dalum Landbrugsskole
Located about 4 km from the centre of town, and 3-4 km from the university. Dalum Landbrugsskole, Academy of Agricultural Business, Denmark is an occupational college. The prices are maximum DKK 4.000 per month, including board. 

d) Birkeparken
Located about 7km from the university and 4km from the city center. You will typically be living in a 4 bedroom apartments with other international students. You will share a kitchen and bathroom. Rent is between 2,200 and 3000DKK per month. 

e) Campus Kollegiet
Opened in 2015, the Campus House is a 14 story building located a 5 minute walk from the university. You will have your own room and share a floor with up to 24 Danish and international students. Rent is between 3019 and 3819DKK per month. The use of a bike is included in the rent.

Payment, notice and inspection

When do you start paying for your accommodation?

You pay rent from the day your accommodation is available. It may be as early as August 1st/January1st but can also be as late as September 1st/February 1st. If your room is available from August 1st, you pay rent from August 1st even if you do not arrive until e.g. August 25th or some other day after August 1st.

If your accommodation is not available until September 1st/February 1st, you will have the possibility of signing up for temporary accommodation. You receive information about this together with the information on your accommodation.  

You will usually be asked to pay the first months rent and the deposit one moth before you arrive. This should be paid be international bank transfer. Information on when and how to pay the rent and deposit will be sent to you via email after you have accepted the offer for accommodation sent to you in June/November.

Please note: If you find private accommodation on your own, we advise you not to pay the deposit or the first month’s rent until you have arrived in Odense. 

Written notice

Generally, your accommodation is yours until you give written notice to the Accommodation Office of the University of Southern Denmark. A few students have a time limited tenancy agreement and do not have to give notice.

The notice varies, but can be as much as 3 months. It is usually only possible to give notice the 1st or the 15th of the month. So if you have 3 months notice, the following applies:

If you wish to pay for your room until July 1st, you must give notice no later than April 1st, and you must move out no later than June 15th, because you pay rent 14 days after you move out. The 14 days are needed to prepare the room for the next tenant. This is also true for Danish tenants.

Those of you renting from a private landlord or subletting have individual terms. The information on payment, notice, inspection and keys below does therefore not necessarily apply to you.


Before you leave your accommodation, the janitor (portneren/vicevært) or landlord has to inspect your room to check that nothing has been damaged or needs painting or cleaning. It is important that you clean the room carefully, as you will otherwise be charged for cleaning. You should expect to have to pay for the room to be painted after you leave. The expenses of preparing the room for the next tenant will be subtracted from your deposit.

If for some reason your accommodation is not satisfactory on arrival, you should make sure to report it to us, the Accommodation Office, or the janitor within a few days, so that you will not be charged for anything when you leave.


It is very important that you hand in the key to your room when you leave. If the keys have not been handed in, a new lock has to be put in at your expense - as you cannot have access to a room that is no longer yours.

Richard from England lives in the Campus Kollegiet in Odense. He lives with many international students as well as Danes. The Kollegiet is a 5 minute walk from campus.

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