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Exams and Credit System

Exams and Credit System

Please refer to our Examination Office via the link below for information on our examination rules, types of exams and other exam related information.

ECTS is short for the European Credit Transfer System. This system is widely used across Europe to make it easier to compare the workload of courses across national borders. It is also used as the credit system at the University of Southern Denmark.

A full semester workload equals 30 ECTS credits. Two semesters equal 60 ECTS credits. Master courses often count as 10 ECTS credits, i.e. a third of one semester. Master students typically have 10-15 teaching hours per week.

Exchange and guest students are expected to take a full workload during their stay at the University, including exams.

Full degree students 

As a full degree student you receive a digital diploma when you graduate. You can find more information here.


Exchange and guest students 

Your personal digital transcript
In recognition of your academic achievements, SDU will provide you with a digital transcript.
A digital transcript is more environmentally friendly and complies with the needs of an increasingly digitalized world. Our transcripts are fully secured with an embedded verification link that allows the recipient of the diploma to view the document directly from the SDU server in addition to a downloaded version.

As soon as your transcript is ready, you will receive an email in your SDU e-mail account with information on how to access your personal Digital Diploma Mailbox, where you can access your transcript.

Transcripts are issued March for the exams completed in December and January and in August/September for the exams completed in May and June.


Share with your home university

To get credit recognition for the courses taken at SDU, you will need to share your transcript with your home uni-versity – according to your home university’s procedures for credit transfer.

With our new Digital Diploma Mailbox, we provide you with a safe way of sharing this data. Simply log on to you Diploma Mailbox and grant access to the responsible person at your home university. Of course you can also choose to download a copy and email it to your home university, but for data security reasons, we recommend to use the ‘grant access’ feature in your Diploma Mailbox.


Read more

Find more information about your digital transcript here.




The Danish grading system is in form of a 7-point grading scale. It is compatible with the ECTS grading scale.

Grade Description ECTS
12 For an excellent performance displaying a high level of command of all
aspects of the relevant material, with no or only a few minor weaknesses.
10 For a very good performance displaying a high level of command of
most aspects of the relevant material, with only minor weaknesses.
7 For a good performance displaying good command of the relevant
material but also some weaknesses.
4 For a fair performance displaying some command of the relevant
material but also some major weaknesses.
2 For a performance meeting only the minimum requirements
for acceptance.
00 For a performance which does not meet the
minimum requirements for acceptance.
-3 For a performance which is unacceptable in all respects. Fx

Last Updated 21.11.2018