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Become a specialist in software development

We expect to offer the degree for the start of studies in 2024, but are awaiting final approval from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

If you are already ready to start a program in Software Engineering, you can study bachelor of science in engineering in Software Engineering in Sønderborg.

Do you want to help develop the technical society of the future? Then a BEng in Software Technology might be something for you.

Software is everywhere today, and has a big influence on the way we go about our lives. Software engineers create software that supports corporate business and connects software and physical equipment. Software development is becoming an increasingly large and important part of our society, and there is a great need for software engineers.

As a software engineer, you can, for example, help develop software that connects humans and automation technology, so that manufacturing can be made smarter and more economical.

What will I learn?

With a BEng degree in Software Technology, you will gain skills that enable you to develop software systems, maintain software for various software platforms, advise on and work to get the software to match the user's needs, lead the development of IT projects and much more. You will have the opportunity to test your skills on company cases and collaborate directly with the industry.

During the programme you will, among other things, learn about automation and systems that help people control and monitor automatic systems such as production plants in factories or treatment plants, you will also learn to develop systems and apps for e.g. smartphones, IoT devices and computers. You will be taught in subject areas such as system development, programming, databases, mathematics, web technology and communication as well as management.

Existing programming skills are not required to apply the programme, as the programme includes an introductory course in programming. At the start of the programme, it is assumed that many new students have no prior in-depth experience with programming.

How is the programme structured?

This programme is offered in English and during the programme, you will work a lot in project groups, where you and your fellow students will solve problems for companies through case-based work.

Each semester is based on a main theme, which becomes the basis for the semester's theory and project work.
The first semester focuses on the development of software programs. The second semester is all about the development of software systems. In the third semester, the focus is on distributed software systems with embedded elements. The fourth semester is about reliable component-based systems. In the fifth semester, the focus is on innovation and entrepreneurship, where you work with students from other fields of study.

In the sixth semester, you must take a six-month engineering internship in a Danish or foreign company. Over 60% of Software Technology students get their first job in the company where they had their engineering internship (Source: Graduate Survey 2018, SDU, The Faculty of Engineering)
In the seventh and final semester, you will carry out a graduation project - often in collaboration with a company.
Read more about the structure of the programme.

What can I become?

A BEng in Software Technology provides you with several career opportunities - both in Denmark and abroad. Software engineers are generally involved in development, testing, design, consulting, sales, and project management. You can, for example, get jobs in the software industry, pharmaceutical and food companies, at production companies that e.g. manufactures parts for electrical vehicles, hospital equipment or thermostats. You will, for example, work with maintenance or new development of IT systems, sales, consulting, project management, operation of IT systems or optimization of production systems. Your knowledge of software and the automation area is in demand when, for example, production companies have to integrate IT systems.

Only 1% of newly graduated software engineers from SDU are unemployed after graduating (Source: Uddannelseszoom, Statistics Denmark)

Guaranteed first job

As an engineering student at SDU Sønderborg, you are guaranteed your first job when you have completed your BEng in Engineering (applies to students who started in September 2020 or later). Read more about first job guaranteed.

Can I continue my studies?

A BEng in Software Technology is an independent, completed degree. So, after the 3½ years, you are a graduate engineer and ready to start your professional career.

If you want to immerse yourself further and continue your education, you can continue your studies and take, for example, a MSc in Engineering - Software Engineering.

That is why you should study...

  • You are guaranteed your first job once you have completed the programme
  • You will learn how to develop analogue and digital electronics
  • You will get a company-oriented education with good career opportunities

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