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Mechatronics Engineering (general profile with electives)

  • This Programme is offered in Sønderborg
  • This Programme is taught in English

Programme structure

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With this profile - without a predetermined specialisation - you will choose which subjects you would like to have instead of the fixed profile subjects. You can choose from the subjects offered which typically belong to the specialisations and compose your own profile or perhaps suggest other subjects which we will send to the Academic Study Board for approval.

The project element of this profile will focus on the development of a mechatronic product with focus on control systems. Potential projects could be, for example, 'Build a 3D printer with optimal temperature control and flow of plastic' or 'construct a self-propelled car (model) using distance assessment radar technology'.

If you choose this profile it is important that you are interested in general product development and technology in mechatronics and that you put together the subjects which are most relevant to your interests. You will gain skills in general mechatronic product development and in your chosen subject. You will be able to apply for jobs in many types of companies/branches that are engaged in product development in mechanics, electronics, software and mechatronics.