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Profile in Mechanical Engineering

  • This Programme is offered in Sønderborg
  • This Programme is taught in English

Programme structure

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With a profile in Mechanical Engineering you will specialise in the development of the mechanical elements and systems which go into mechatronic products. You will learn about the newest methods in the construction of mechanic solutions and prototypes by using standard components and by production on the basis of 3D-CAD and 3D printing. You will be qualified for a wide range of jobs in product development, where focus is on the mechanical elements of the product. 

It is important that you are interested in mechanical development. As well as the mechanical element you will gain a wide knowledge of and skills in software development. It is typical of technological development that many mechanical products also contain electronics and software, which makes them mechatronic products.

If you choose this profile you will work with mechanical components (gears, springs, bearings and hydraulic components), principles of construction (assembly techniques and processes), vibrations, strength calculations, 3D-CAD and much more.