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Learning outcomes

  • This Programme is offered in Sønderborg
  • This Programme is taught in English

General competencies
The main focus of all engineering programmes at University of Southern Denmark is professional ability and the programmes are all rooted in research and development environments of a high international standard.

Students acquire:
- Ability to think and work in a problem-oriented, project-oriented and interdisciplinary way
- Ability to work independently as well as in teams
- Ability to solve tasks in an international context
- Knowledge of and experience in the needs of the business world
- A well-founded understanding of commerce and business.

Specific competencies
You become a development engineer with special competencies in mechanics, electronics and software – including knowledge of the interplay between these disciplines. This programme qualifies you to carry out, participate in and lead the development of mechatronic products.

With a bachelor of engineering degree in Mechatronics you will have the following competencies:
• Ability to design and calculate mechanical designs
• Ability to design and calculate electronic circuits
• Ability to develop software for intelligent products
• Ability to model and build mechatronic systems and implement these systems
• Ability to apply technological knowledge and theories for the development of new products
• Specialised knowledge within either of the profiles: Mechanic Engineering, Electronic Engineering or Embedded Engineering. 
• Ability to carry out development projects independently and in teams
• The potential to become project manager for product development assignments.

A bachelor of engineering degree in Mechatronics qualifies you to continue your studies for a master of science in engineering degree.

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