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Learning outcomes

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This Programme is taught in English

General competencies
The main focus of all engineering programmes at University of Southern Denmark is professional ability and the programmes are all rooted in research and development environments of a high international standard.

Students acquire:
- Ability to think and work in a problem-oriented, project-oriented and interdisciplinary way
- Ability to work independently as well as in teams
- Ability to solve tasks in an international context
- Knowledge of and experience in the needs of the business world
- A well-founded understanding of commerce and business.

Specific competencies:
With a bachelor of engineering degree in GMM you will have the following competencies:
• Global view of business development. You are able to assess, calculate and propose operational investment possibilities in different markets and countries
• Ability to communicate in business English and knowledge of international topics which qualifies you to negotiate and to gain respect from all levels of an organisation
• Broad and detailed knowledge of designing the product to the market; taking into consideration the positioning, target group segmentation, marketing parameters and customer awareness in different cultures
• Profound and global knowledge of the entire value chain – from the satisfied end user to creating the most optimal and practical conditions for the company
• Detailed knowledge of establishing and organising manufacturing facilities in respect to technological processes, automation, cost levels and climatic conditions
• Well-founded knowledge of different company aspects in environmental impacts, health, safety and bribes
• Thorough knowledge of international trading such as legal aspects in laws, conventions, bilateral agreements, regional conditions, governmental influences, etc.
• Solid knowledge of supply chain management, stock management and ERP-systems in a global as well as in a local context
• Profound knowledge of companies’ internal and external accounting, financing and control systems
• Broad knowledge of economical evaluation of countries’ macro economical situation in investment and establishing aspects
• Graduates are trained in expatriation and to handle cultural differences.

A bachelor of engineering degree in GMM qualifies you to continue your studies for a master of science in engineering degree.

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