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Optimising a Department in Vestas

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • This Programme is taught in English

My Final Project was done in collaboration with my fellow colleague/student Lukasz Guszcz from Poland. We were hired by Vestas following an interview with a person from ‘People & Culture’ (Vestas’ Human Resource department). He was interested in our new study programme, because he anticipated a future need for engineers with our combination of general technical knowledge and management skills. 

Current state map 
e were to describe and analyse the working area of the Production Preparation (PP) department in Vestas Wind System A/S and their connection to product development projects. Information was gathered and put together in a current state map. Here we visualised the process that took place at the PP department between the related input and the supplier of that input as well as between the subsequent output and the customer of this output. Now, every stakeholder of the department is able to - in a simple and visual overview - understand the scope and function of their working area and field of expertise. 

Optimisation possibilities 
Furthermore, we were to choose a focus area within the working area of PP where opportunities for optimisation could be found. We chose to focus on the ‘global roll-out’ of the new product, to all international sites and markets. Here supply chain management and international aspects are of major importance. 

Focus on a whole area 
The project was challenging in a new way – suddenly, we were faced with an intangible problem; information and solutions were not stored in a book somewhere, but in the heads of the employees. Additionally, it was not a single area that needed looking into, but a whole department and their project work which ran over as long periods as six months. 

Hands on – from the beginning
The planning phase of such a project has been the most positive experience for me. Suddenly, everything was up to me and my colleague. We made sure that all possible approaches were discussed and supported by arguments for or against. With this process we actually felt that we never started anything in the project without fully knowing where it was going and what outcome was expected.

Rasmus Andreas Petersen, 26 years, GMM Engineer