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Accommodation assurance

Several of the university towns offer accommodation assurance for students. In Odense, you are offered the “Absolute Assurance for Accommodation (AAA)”, and Sønderborg also has accommodation assurance for all students. Likewise, Kolding offers “Absolute Assurance for Accommodation”, and Kolding student accommodation assignment has around 800 student accommodations at its disposal.

Why live in your city of studies?

Both with respect to your studies and your social life, it will often be beneficial to live in your city of studies because: 

  • You are not dependent on expensive and time consuming public transportation.
  • You will be more inclined to go to campus even if you only have few lectures on a day.
  • You have easy access to SDU’s facilities - like the Library, study halls, PC’s, etc. – even at off-peak hours. 
  • It will be easier for you to participate in academic events such as presentations, seminars, defence of a PhD thesis, etc. on your “days off” or during the weekend.
  • You can hang out with your fellow students in your spare time – and you are ready if a spontaneous café-visit should come up.


Many students chose to commute and make full use of the time it takes. But commuting is tough and can be strenuous over time. Most commuters only do so for shorter periods of time and often attend studies that only have lectures to or three times a week.

If you have to commute, it is possible to save money on transportation by applying for an “Ungdomskort”.


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