Exam information for exchange students

Note that some minor amendments can be made, so please check that you have the most recent information.

Winter 2018

Summer 2017

Winter 2017

Summer 2016

Winter 2016

Exam registration
At the Faculty of Engineering you are automatically registered for the exam if you are registered for the course. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that the registrations are correct before the expiration of the registration period. Only in special circumstances will registrations after the deadline be permitted. If you have not been registered, please contact the programme secretary at your department/institute.

The registration period is:
Winter examination: 20 – 30 October
Summer examination: 20 – 30 March

Cancelling an exam
Students admitted to an engineering programme can only withdraw from examination within four weeks upon semester start of the semester in question. You can cancel an exam through Student Self-Service. Note that if you do not attend an exam it counts as an attempt, unless you have cancelled the exam in time.

Exam results
Exam results are found in Student Self-Service. They cannot be given over the phone.

For the autumn semester: Reexams take place until End of February
For the spring semester: Reexams take place until End of August (normally not in July)

Diplomas and transcripts
Your diploma or your transcript will be sent to your home address from the Registrar’s Office after the end of the semester. Make sure that the Student Information has your home address.

Further information
Please note that it is your responsibility to familiarise yourself with examination rules and procedures. Further information is available under Examination – regulations and good advice and in the Faculty Folder, which you receive during the Orientation Days. Note that some faculties have individual rules and regulations so make sure to check with your department/institute or the relevant faculty administration (e.g. TECH – Education and Quality Assurance).



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