Product Development and Innovation - Autumn 2017


Experts in Teams (F-EIT5 - 10 ECTS)
The project makes practical use of the course theory. It will be carried out in inter-disciplinary groups, the so-called ‘Experts in Teams’. The objective is to train the students in cross cultural cooperation, innovation and entrepreneurship, including preparation of a business plan. With students from at least two study programs the students will create an interdisciplinary platform. Students will work on the project within their own academic discipline and throughout the process they will coordinate with the rest of the team.

*) Elective courses.

Polymers and Plastic for Engineers  (PDXPPE-U1 - 5 ECTS)*

A study group that will give you an understanding of polymers, plastics and methods to alter their properties. This course will build on your fundamental understanding of plastics. We will look into the properties and applications of plastics and the chemical reasons for their behaviour. How to modify them and their properties and how to analyse. We will work with a number of company cases and analyse plastics in the lab. Expect a large degree of student involvement in this study group.

Composite Materials and Manufacturing (M-COM - 5 ECTS)*
The course is designed to make an introduction to composite materials, and to the manufacturing methods used to produce them. Some of the main topics are fiber configurations, mechanical behavior, and various kinds of manufacturing methods. 

Intellectual Property Rights Course 1 (X-IPR1-U02 - 2 ECTS)*

X-IPR1 is a one week course offered in week 33 every year. The course gives a basic introduction to intellectual properties. I will primarily introduce trademarks, design protection and patents, but we will also touch upon other IPRs. We will deal with how to obtain the IP, how to search for prior obtained rights, focus will be on patents. The course consists of lectures (primarily in the morning) and exercises (primarily in the afternoon). To pass the course you must attend class all 5 days, hand in the assignments and pass a short questionnaire. Course readings will be my slides and a compendium available on the BB site.

Intellectual Property Rights Course 2 (X-IPR2-U02 - 3 ECTS)*

X-IPR2 is offered as a series of assignments during the autumn semester. Having passed X-IPR1 is a prerequisite for attending X-IPR2. In X-IPR2 you will work in deeper detail with the relevant databases and theories taught in X-IPR1. We will a.o. work on novelty search, patent infringement assessment, and patent drafting.  Each assignment will be introduced during short lectures and I will be available for supervision during the semester. In order to pass the course you must have all assignments approved.


Cleanroom Microfabrication (MC-MICR1U1 - 5 ECTS)*

MICRO1 is the introductory cleanroom microfabrication course that is offered jointly in Sønderborg and Odense. It covers the basics of microfabrication techniques, that are used in the production of various micro-systems such as integrated electronics and different types of microsensors (e.g. pressure sensors, accelerometers, biosensors). It consists on a number of theoretical lectures (via remote teaching between Sønderborg and Odense) combined with practical, hands-on exercises in the SDU cleanroom in Sønderborg.

Organization and Management (X-ORG - 5 ECTS)*
This course will enable the student to analyse and evaluate an organisation’s structural and social elements. The course will include general theories and models for reducing uncertainty in organisational and management decision making processes. The course will be based on the idea that managerial and organisational decision making relies on both structural and social elements. 


ERP Systems (X-ERP - 5 ECTS)*
This course will enable students to complete a full transaction flow in a modern ERP system (MicrosoftDynamix AX). The basic structure of the course is centred on the main functions in an ERP system, and the course will be a combination of theory and hands-on exercises. Some of the modules covered are: Implementation, sales, finance, production and HR. 

English Language Course Unit (O-ELCU - 5 ECTS)*
The English Language Course Unit combine linguistic exercises with an introduction to culture and society as well as presentational skills. Participation in classes and in class activities is necessary. The main objective of the course is to improve your oral proficiency of English so that you can benefit from the teaching you receive and the project work you take part in during your exchange stay. Please note that the course has a limited intake of students per semester.

Computer Aided Simulation (X-CAS1 - 5 ECTS)*
This course introduces a variety of modelling and simulation techniques. Some of the main topics are advanced modelling of parts using a high-end 3D CAD program, design and dynamical analysis of 3D mechanisms, stress analysis of components and structure optimisation.

Cross Cultural Management (X-CCM - 5 ECTS)*
The course in Cross Cultural Management aims to equip students with understanding of cultural dimensions in the business context, dealing with the dilemmas that arise for managers in global company’s or members of an international team. It provides the students with insight in the ways management, organisation and communication is influenced by cultural aspects. Through understanding the concept of culture, the students will further explore the characteristics of the different world regions and how these will impact the business environment.

Further Information:
Henrik Johnsen Vindt, International Coordinator,
Semester Duration: 1 February to 30 June
Application Deadline: Non-EU/EEA citizens: 1 October 
                                   EU/EEA citizens: 1 November

Course Features
All Recommended Study Paths at the Faculty of Engineering include:
• Real life projects
• Project teams
• Good study facilities

Entry Requirements
General requirements: Two years of engineering studies (i.e. the student must have achieved c. 120 ECTS by study start at the Faculty of Engineering) and good command of English.
Specific requirements: Please refer to the individual course descriptions.

Please note that courses with low enrolment may be subject to cancellation.

Possible Combinations
Courses from the other Recommended Study Paths provided no timetable conflicts occur. Please contact the international coordinator about this. Please note that if you choose a Recommended Study Path we can guarantee that no courses will conflict.

The programme is offered in Odense

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