Courses at undergraduate level in Innovation and Business

The Faculty of Engineering offers a number of course packages, which are called recommended study paths because we recommend our exchange/guest students to follow specific courses. Often the courses will be relevant to a specific academic discipline or will provide students with knowledge and skills which will be applied in the semester project. Moreover, with a recommended study path we can guarantee that no courses will conflict.

The below recommended study paths include a brief introduction to each course.

Autumn programme

Spring programme

Course descriptions

Detailed course descriptions, incl. prerequisites for the individual course, can be found in the left side menu.


Our education model is based on project based learning and during your studies you will gain considerable practical experience. Besides, classes are small often with no more than twenty students, so you have time to discuss issues in-depth with your teacher.
Note that some courses offered at the Faculty of Engineering are marked as pass/fail only – for details see the individual course description.
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