Courses offered Spring 2015

The below list of courses is the expected course offer.

Please note that changes may occur.     

Business Administration (cand.merc.)

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Advanced Management Accounting
Advanced Strategy and Organization Theory
Business Strategy
Corporate Communication
Corporate Strategy and Organization Design
Financial Accounting
International Entrepreneurship
International Management
International Marketing Channels
Leadership and Organizational Communication
Market and Communication Ethnography
New Market Development & Innovation
Organization of Innovation
Personnel Economics
Strategic Issues in Supply Chain Management
Supply Chain Links and Enterprise Ressource Planning
Theories and Methods of Technological Change 

Economics (cand.oecon.)

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Advanced Game Theory
Asset Pricing
Dynamic Asset Allocation
Econometrics with Applications
Economic Growth
Empirical and Computational Finance
Housing and Urban Economics
Industrial Economics
Long-run Determinants of Economic Outcomes (studygroup)
Pharmaceutical Economics
Project Management and the Consultant Role
Time Series Econometrics with Applications in Macro and Finance

Law (cand.jur.)

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Business, Law and Society
Drafting Contracts
International Human Rights
International Transport Law
Regulating Competition in the EU
Regulating Maritime Activity
When Lawyers Meet Their Clients 

Political Science (cand.scient.pol.)

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Advanced applied statistics – graded
Advanced applied statistics – passed/not passed
Causes of War in the Twenty First Century - MSc
Comparative Welfare State Analysis - MSc
Comparative welfare state and labour market analysis
Legitimacy and Power in International Relations
New Wars and Conflict
Party Competition
Policy Evaluation
Political Psychology, Personality and Emotions
The Laws of War
The Political Economy of Transition in Europe: From the Collapse of Socialism to the Global Financial Crisis


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