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Flexible Projects at the Faculty of Engineering

A project can be done individually or as a group within a chosen academic engineering field. There will be a final exam based on your written project report and credits can be transferred according to the procedures at your home university. Your home university will have to nominate you.

Flexible Projects at Faculty of Engineering

Flexible engineering projects are expected to fit your curriculum, but also a subject area where one of the departments at the Faculty of Engineering can find a supervisor. So, at the time of application you will have to submit a description of the project idea you have and we will try to find a match within one of our engineering programs. Without a match or available supervisors the faculty will not be able to meet your application.

This will unfortunately not be possible as courses follow the academic semesters.

You will have to apply online at the ordinary application deadlines. Click here to find information about how and when to apply. Along with your application and requested papers you will have to submit a document with the following information:

Headline: Flexible project stay at the Faculty of Engineering
1)Project idea and subject area
2) Length of the stay in weeks where the minimum is 4 and maximum is 24 (For Eramus students the minimum length is 3 months)
3) Wish for start date.

Please note that if you arrive after semester start accommodation cannot be guaranteed.

It will be possible to do a project stay more students together from same partner university. You will have to apply individually and all students must be nominated from home university upfront.

Flexible project stay can be planned within the time period of the ordinary semesters at University of Southern Denmark.

Closed periods are:
15 December to 1 February
15 June to 1 September

There will be an evaluation of your project work and in most cases as an individual oral exam based on a written project report. It will be either a pass/fail or a grade according to the Danish 7 point-grading scale.

Your home university will have to approve your stay and project activities/exam for them to transfer the credits. The number of ECTS credits will depend of the length of the stay. Credits will be down scaled based on one full semester equals 30 ECTS.

It is expected that you can plan and carry through the project activities according to the project plan and milestones which will have to be agreed with your supervisor in the beginning. Together you will agree on a project description and the goals to achieve during the project period. At the final exam it will be evaluated to which extend you have achieved the learning goals.

Shortly before the beginning of the stay the supervisor will be allocated. As there will be no classes, you will arrange meetings on weekly basis in collaboration with the supervisor. Group rooms are free to book on a daily basis and university facilities will be available for project students.

You can contact for further information.