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Student Life

The approx. 1300 students and 170 employees at SDU Sønderborg are part of a vibrant and innovative environment. In Alsion, education, culture, research and business come together under one roof. 

The study programmes within Business and Social Sciences are international and appeals to students from Denmark, from all over Europe and from other continents as well. All classes are taught in English and study materials are in English.
As a student, you are the person in charge of acquiring skills and knowledge. Skills and knowledge are not only developed in connection with teaching, but in a more important way through studies, field work/research, preparation of assign¬ments, and especially through interaction with fellow students and lecturers. 

Teaching is in the form of lectures, class instruction, student consultancy pro¬jects, and individual supervision. It is a must that you bring your own computer.
The university and the local companies are closely connected in Sønderborg. The main aim is to create synergy between students, researchers and companies in order to facilitate entrepreneurship and innovation. This ensures an attractive study environment and a flow of knowledge which all parties benefit from.

Academic Culture 
The relationship between students and teachers in Denmark is quite informal. Both students and teachers like to consider one another as equals. You are always encouraged to ask questions both in and outside of the classroom and to express your opinion on the themes discussed during the courses. The informal atmos¬phere does not imply, however, an overly relaxed attitude towards the studies. On the contrary, the independent nature of university studies in Denmark presupposes that students show initiative and take responsibility in the planning of their studies and in keeping to their own schedules. Students are expected to be able to analyze and discuss material - in class, in group work and in the final examination. Most studies involve both oral and written exams.

As an exchange student you apply for accommodation via the Accommodation Office. You will be offered a furnished room with a common kitchen at Ungdoms-kollegiet (UK). The tenancy will start on 15 January/15 August. 
Find answers to questions about cost of living, CPR number, banks, credit cards, electricity, laptop computer ect. here


Last Updated 11.10.2019