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The City of Odense

With approx. 178.000 inhabitants, Odense is the third largest city in Denmark, just after Copenhagen and Aarhus. As the largest city on the island of Funen, Odense has a lot to offer for everyone. A festival city Odense’s festival diary is an impressive list of national and international events that attract well-known creative talents, artists and researchers of international standing to the city every year. A fairytale city Odense is world-renown as the birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen. However it is also a modern town with a buzzing cultural and social life. Odense has no end of beautiful parks and gardens where you can laze about and enjoy a picnic on a warm spring day with friends and fellow students. The town lies in the centre of Denmark, serviced by two international airports, easily reached in less than 90 minutes by train or car. 

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Last Updated 11.10.2019