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General entry requirements - the Faculty of Science

As an exchange student you can follow the courses available here provided that you meet the prerequisites of the given courses and that there is room. A number of master's degrees are offered in English. These courses are at 4th and 5th year level. Sometimes courses at 3rd year level are offered in English. Whatever courses you are interested in, it is important that you list them all with course letters and numbers. We then check with the relevant department, if you can be enrolled.

If you wish to do laboratory work instead of taking (one or two) courses, it’s important that you describe what you wish to work on for the relevant professor to assess it and accept you.

Entry Requirements

  • To follow courses at master level, you must have completed what compares to three years of university studies within a relevant field (i.e. 180 ECTS).
  • You must meet the entry requirements of the courses you wish to follow. You find the entry requirements in the description of the relevant courses.
  • You must have English skills compared to the Danish B level in English if you come to follow courses in English.
  • Exchange students can document it as described below or by way of our language requirement form.
  • Guest students must document their English skills as follows: As an EU/EEA, Nordic or Swiss citizen, you can document it by way of an upper intermediate level in English through your secondary school diploma, or an IELTS score of min 6.5. or a TOEFL of min 575/230/88. Applicants with a non-EU/EEA, Nordic or Swiss citizenship must document their English skills with a TOEFL or an IELTS test.
  • If you come to follow courses in Danish, you must document sufficient Danish skills.

Required Enclosures to an Application

  • Grade transcripts and a list of completed courses taken at university level. If you have taken courses at more than one institution at university level, you must enclose grade transcripts from them all.
  • Course descriptions
  • If you apply for courses at master level, you must enclose detailed course descriptions along with syllabus/literature in English
  • Documentation of sufficient English skills
  • Especially for exchange students: documentation that your home university is sending you as an exchange student

Exchange and Guest students must enclose certified copies of all the required enclosures.

Application Deadlines:

Autumn semester:
April 1 for student from a non EU/EEA country
May 1 for EU/EEA and Nordic citizens

Spring semester:
October 1 for student from a non EU/EEA country
November 1 for EU/EEA and Nordic citizen