General entry Requirements - the Faculty of Health Sciences

Public Health
The Faculty of Health Sciences offers courses in public health at master level taught in English at Esbjerg campus.

The study of medicine is entirely taught in Danish. It is therefore a prerequisite that medicine students have a good command of Danish to follow courses. You can find information on courses (in Danish) at:

Bachelor level
Master level

Medical Internship
As a student of medicine, you can apply for 3-4 months of internships. You rotate between 3-4 sections, spending up to 4 weeks in each. It is not possible to do 3-4 months in only one section. The number of internships is limited. Students get placed on a first come, first serve principle. Exchange students from partner universities have priority over other guest students applying to do an internship. A command of Danish is required.

Please note that medical students in Denmark complete compulsory hospital service after their master exam. The details of this service are arranged by the National Board of Health and not by the universities. Thus, we are not able to help in this matter.

If you wish to do laboratory work, it’s important that you describe what you wish to work on for the relevant professor to assess it and accept you.

If you wish to apply for an internship at a hospital you must upload a statement specifying your learning objectives; i.e. are you required to have practical or observational experience, etc.

Sport Science
At the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics the science courses of sports science are all offered in English at master level. The humanistic courses of sports science are generally offered in Danish. However, if there are three students interested in a course being offered in English, the course may be offered in English. At bachelor level all courses are offered in Danish. A good command of Danish is required to follow these courses.

Courses offered in English.
You find information on the courses offered by clicking on "the course catalogue"

The courses in English are listed among courses offered in Danish, so you need to scroll down in the file until you find an English course. For questions on courses you can contact the student advisor at the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics at:

Courses in Danish
If you are able to follow courses in Danish, you also have the option of following courses at bachelor level. You can find information on courses offered in the bachelor programme in the study curriculum.

It may be possible to come to work on a project within one of the research fields of the department. Visit the homepage of the department to see if there are relevant fields for you. If this is the case, you need to upload a description of what you wish to work on in a project along in the online application form.

Entry Requirements

Required Enclosures to an Application

  • Grade transcripts and a list of completed courses taken at university level. If you have taken courses at more than one institution at university level, you must enclose grade transcripts from them all.
  • CV if you apply to do a medical internship
  • Documentation of sufficient English skills

Especially for exchange students: documentation that your home university is sending you as an exchange student

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