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Programme structure

The program in Economics and Business Administration for business professionals at the University of Southern Denmark consists of a common platform for the first year of the program with three subject areas, giving a common identity and starting the graduate program. The next 2 years contain profile subjects and electives, and the program ends with writing the master's thesis in the last year.


1st and 2nd semester: Common subject areas, 30 ECTS

Scientific Methods, 10 ECTS:
The subject assures you the ability of high level knowledge production in scientific standards and scientific ethics, respectively.
 To be held on 1st semester on the profiles in Kolding and on the 2nd semester on the profiles in Odense. 
Strategy, 10 ECTS:
The course ensures you with a business-oriented approach to the company´s development opportunities and the interaction between the company´s various functions and surroundings.
To be held on 1st semester on the profiles in Odense and on the 2nd semester on the profiles in Kolding. 
Business Project (profiles in Kolding) or Organization (profiles in Odense), 10 ECTS
The course Foundations of Organization provides you with a solid knowledge of the most important theories and conceptual frameworks on organizations and standard approaches to tackling the challenges that organizations are to response to.
The Business Project takes place in collaboration with a company and ensures that you are trained with identifying issues of direct and current relevance to the company and the company´s development and organization.
Foundations of Organization is held on 1st semester in Odense. The Business Project is held over 1st and 2nd semester (5 ECTS each semester) in Kolding.

3. og 4. semester: Profiles specific courses, 30 ECTS

5. og 6. semester: Electives, 30 ECTS – you also have the opportunity to stay abroad.

7. og 8. semester: The Master´s thesis, 30 ECTS


Choosing the master in Economics and Business Administration program for business professionals gives you the opportunity to plan your studies, so that you can both accommodate your desire to learn new and your need to take care of your business.
The master degree in Economics and Business Administration for business professionals has the same academic level as the full-time education program. It is the same education program, just tailored to different length of the education.

Vi refer you to the description of the four different profiles in Economics and Business Administration

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