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Entry requirements and enrollment

To apply for a Master's programme in Economics and Business Administration, you need a relevant Bachelor's degree and relevant occupation (see occupational requirements below). 

Academic requirements

The following degrees fulfill the entry requirements:

  • BSc in Economics and Business Administration from a Danish university
  • BSc in Economics (Business Economics line) from University of Southern Denmark.

We have pre-assessed a number of other Danish degrees that may fulfill the entry requirements depending on the specific courses you have followed. Read more about the requirements if you have studied:

Hold a similar degree, e.g. from another country?

You can also apply if you hold a similar Bachelor's degree including a minimum of 75 ECTS within the field of Economics and Business Administration, comprising at least 5 ECTS within each of the following subjects:

  • Microeconomics or Managerial Economics
  • Accounting
  • Corporate Finance
  • Marketing
  • Organizational theory
  • Statistics
  • Methods for collection and analysis of data (statistics or other qualitative or quantitative methods, including mathematics or operations research/operations management. Data collection may be included to a minor extend)
  • Theory of Science and Scientific Methodology and Methods - this only applies if your degree is not from a university

Occupational requirements

You can meet the requirement of relevant employment in two different ways:

  1. You are an employee of a public or private company, you must be employed for an average of  a minimum of 25 hours per week with relevant tasks.      
  2. You are an entrepreneur with a relevant independent company having  revenue and activities generating earnings or being affiliated with a public or private entrepreneurial milieu.

You can read more about the employment demands here.


If you have e relevant degree, but lack one or a few specific courses, you may be able to follow a supplementary course. Read more about following supplementary courses when applying for the MSc in Economics and Business Administration.

The programme is taught in English. Therefore, you need a proficiency in English equivalent to level B in a Danish high school. Please note that the deadline for submitting language test results or other documentation of your proficiency is May 15 for the September intake and December 1 for the February intake.

English language tests
You can prove your English proficiency by passing a language test. We accept the following tests if the test is no more than two years old:

  • TOEFL IBT test with a minimum score of 88. For validation, we need to receive a score report directly from the test center. To select University of Southern Denmark as recipient, use the code 7969. Please choose "other - department not listed". If you have already taken the test, you can still make a request for the test center to forward the report. Please inform us once you have made such a request. 
  • IELTS academic test with a minimum overall band score of 6.5
  • CAE with a minimum result of C (only accepted from a Cambridge Network). For verification of your results, please make sure to give us your ID number (e.g.  EPA123456) and your secret number (4 digits)
  • CPE from University of Michigan

High school English
If you hold a secondary school diploma from a country within EU/EEA, a Nordic country or from Switzerland, you may be able to prove your English proficiency by way of your secondary school diploma (high school). Along with your diploma, you have to upload a document from your school stating the number of English lessons you attended during the last three years of high school. The letter must be in English. Based on the provided material, we will assess whether your high school English is equivalent to a Danish level B. We encourage you to send us your papers in advance via
SPOC for a pre-assessment.

If your entire bachelor’s degree was taken in the USA, Canada (English speaking part), Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom or Ireland, further documentation is not required.  This only applies if the entire degree was taken in one of these countries. Furthermore, distance-learning programmes do not qualify for an exemption.

If you hold a Professional Bachelor's degree from Denmark taught in English, you are also exempted. However, we need a confirmation from the issuing institution that the programme was taught in English.

 Applicants with a foreign qualifying degree (also Danish citizens) must pass Danish A, the Higher Education Examination (Studieprøven) or prove an equivalent proficiency.

Nordic applicants must prove a proficiency in Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish or Icelandic equivalent to a Danish A-level.

There is a limited number of study places in the programme. If there are more qualified applicants than study places, applicants are ranked based on the following score system: 

  • 6 points for fulfilling the entry requirements in advance - i.e. you don't need any supplementary courses
  • 1 point for 10 ECTS within microeconomics
  • 1 point for 10 ECTS within accounting
  • 1 point for 10 ECTS within marketing/consumer behavior 
  • 1 point for 10 ECTS within organisation
  • 1 point for 15 ECTS in courses within methods for quantitative analysis (statistics, mathematics, etc.)

To apply, you have to submit an application via the application portal.

It is important that you submit the following enclosures for evaluation:

  • You graduate diploma, including a transcript of records.
  • If you have not yet passed your degree: Your newest official transcript of passed as well as registered courses. If you use the data exchange function in the application portal, please be aware that only passed courses are included in the generated file. Therefore, if you are registered for courses with specific relevance to the entry requirements, you have to upload a separate transcript of your course registration.
  • Proof of any supplementary courses you might have passed.
  • Proof of your English proficiency
  • Motivational letter
  • Solemn declaration regarding the occupation.
  • Enclosure regarding occupation in a public or private company or enclosure regarding entrepreneurial company.

The application deadlines for study start September 1st are:

  • February 1st for non EU/EEA citizens
  • March 1st for EU/EEA and Swiss citizens and applicants holding a Danish residence permit

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