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The MMT programme is relevant to those with a technical or commercial background who are interested in or perhaps already responsible for technology management and have the ambition to gain knowledge, skills, and competences in relation to interdisciplinary, technology-based value creation.

You might be a manager of technology projects, a digital lead, a product developer/owner/manager, a business developer responsible for technology-related matters, an innovation manager, a chief engineer, a production manager, or the like… You need and wish to know more about both known and emerging technologies and what they enable, and/or you aim to get a better understanding of commercial aspects. The MMT programme is relevant either way, as it provides the full picture of what it takes to strategically lead organisations’ technology-related efforts.

The MMT programme gives you knowledge about the most recent and relevant scientific research into technology management, and you will learn to apply this knowledge to your own work context. Overall, you will acquire the competences you need to strategically lead and balance your organisation’s exploration, development, implementation, and commercialisation of continually changing technological opportunities. 

You will learn how to relate to technology and innovation for sustainable business development. Sustainability becomes ever more present and demanding, and you will learn how it can support value creation in your organisation. As an option, you can gain specialised knowledge of one or more technology application areas to suit the needs of your organisation and your career ambitions. Currently, electives focus on value creation in relation to additive manufacturing (3D-print) and autonomous logistics (air/ground/sea).