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It will benefit you and your organisation

The growing number of technology-based organisations increases the need for people who can manage technology – irrespective of whether the organisation develops or provides technology, and whether it implements technology internally or utilises technology to improve the value of its offerings.

Moreover, research shows that having someone knowledgeable about and responsible for technology management has a positive impact on the organisation’s performance. Thus, there are good reasons for organisations to invest in technology managers. 

Adding to this, the MMT programme provides ample opportunity for you to focus on what challenges and benefits your organisation, as the courses make room for you to relate theories and case studies to your own work context.

This way, your organisation gains focused attention on the strategic interplay between technologies, market aspects, and business development. 


You will gain knowledge, knowhow, inspiration, and network

Doing a master’s is a rewarding experience. You will gain invaluable insights and experiences that will develop you both professionally and personally and give you the key competences needed to progress on your career path. 

Through the MMT programme, which is taught at Campus Odense, you will gain deep, research-based knowledge and extensive knowhow of the many aspects of technology management. You can choose to sign up for only one or a few courses. This will be very useful if you lack specific competences.

However, to obtain the MMT degree and thereby the full set of competences to strategically lead your organisations technology efforts, the whole programme must be completed. This can be done part-time in two to four years by utilising the opportunities for flexible study progression.

Technology management requires interdisciplinary competences. Therefore, as a participant of the MMT programme, you will gain the ability to connect and lead across disciplines. You will build an inspirational, personal, and valuable network with fellow students working in a broad spectrum of industries and organisations.

This is possible as the teaching takes place at the university and includes a recurring focus on the work contexts of you and your fellow students. Being present and together at the university will bring you into the fruitful mode of studying and collaborating.