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On this page, you may learn more about the entry requirements and how to apply for the programme. 

Access to the Master in Management of Technology programme is contingent on applicants having completed at least one relevant: 

  • Bachelor's degree 
  • Professional bachelor education 
  • Medium-cycle higher education 
  • Diploma degree completed as an adjusted course or foreign education at the same level 

Applicants must have at least 2 years of relevant work experience after completing the qualifying education. Relevant work experience could be as fx product developer, project manager, product manager, business developer, or general manager. 

The applicant must have English language skills equivalent to level B (Danish high school definition), i.e., adequate skills for English language teaching to be followed, and also be able to understand the English-language curriculum as well as write English-language assignments. Notice that the whole MMT programme is taught in English. Documentation is required, alternatively may the university decide that the applicant must complete supplementary tests for English skills adequate to the above mentioned level no later than the time set for the start of studies.

The university can decide to admit applicants who do not meet the conditions above. In that case, admission will be contingent on a concrete, individual assessment.

Fall semester: Medio March  up to and including 1. June 

After the application deadline, you are welcome to contact us regarding potentially available places. 

To apply for admission, fill in the electronic form in the application portal.

Instructions for Applying

Have the following documentation ready:
CV + Diploma 

To apply for a single course/master course, you must fill in the electronic form in the application portal.


Instructions for Applying 

Have the following documentation ready: 

  • CV + Diploma 
  • The title of the master’s degree to which the single course belongs 
  • The name and ID of the course you wish to participate in. You will find it in the course description.

SDU reserves the right to reject qualified applicants for capacity reasons and to refrain from establishing classes. At the same time, we make reservations regarding potential price changes and typing errors. 

You can contact SDUs Efteruddannelse (lifelong learning), who will answer questions concerning entry requirements, application procedures, payment, etc. Call 6560 1054 or use contact form.