Professional Master’s Programme in Rehabilitation

The professional master's programme in rehabilitation focuses on the elements that are prerequisite for people with a rehabilitation need to maintain or regain an independent, meaningful and worthy life.

"Welcome to the master programme in rehabilitation. It gives you the necessary skills to ensure an optimal and citizen-centered rehabilitation in your daily practice" - Jette Thuesen, Head of study programme

Qualification for future cooperation

The master programme in rehabilitation offers a range of approaches to the development of modern rehabilitation practices. The programme’s interdisciplinary discussions and projects, which will incorporate your own experiences, will qualify you for future cooperation in rehabilitation practices across disciplines, institutions and sectors.

Holistic and succesful rehabilitation efforts

The programme integrates knowledge from different areas of practice. Together they provide a scientific basis for an interdisciplinary, holistic rehabilitation process which puts the user, the user’s goals and the user group’s activity and participation first and incorporates the user’s social life, spouse, children, family and friends.

In other words, rehabilitation is a professionally organised process in which the users are seen in their social contexts, e.g. their families, local environments and job situation. As a professional master’s student of rehabilitation, you can help to ensure that, in future, successful rehabilitations will be more than individual success stories and include coordinated, interdisciplinary processes based on the user’s needs and daily life.

Research-based education

In order to substantiate your rehabilitation practice, you need knowledge about scientific theories and methods. All research has its limitations and it is important that you are critical when new results are implemented in practice. It is crucial that you learn to formulate your reflections on your own practice and the theories on which your practice is based.

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