Audiologopaedia (Master)

Programme offered in Danish only

The Master Programme in Audiologopaedia builds on the theoretical and practical knowledge obtained during the Bachelor Programme. However, the Master Programme focuses in particular on scientific and theoretical aspects. You will learn how research may be combined with practice, and you will work far more independently. You will learn how to construct a course of research and how to assess the quality of research of others.

Freedom of choice

The Master Programme has two directions: An Audiology specialisation designed for students with a BA in Audiology and a Logopaedia specialisation for students with a BA in Logopaedia. Both specialisations allow for students to select courses in order to obtain greater knowledge of their particular areas of interest. Both specialisations contain project-based internships, which may function as precursors to the thesis. The internships enable you to implement your own ideas into projects or evaluate on existing practices through research. You are responsible for planning the contents of the project-based course and to a certain extent, you are free to decide which areas you wish to prioritise and how much emphasis you assign the theoretical and practical aspects respectively.

Great career options

Regardless of which specialisation you choose, you are well equipped to enter the labour market. Recent years have seen an increasing demand for speech and hearing therapists with specific skills and a scientific approach to practice. You also qualify to apply for a PhD scholarship.