Masters Fair 2018

Masters Fair 2018

Wednesday February 7th from 12:30-16:30.

How to find the Masters Fair

The Masters Fair takes place at Campustorvet, The WinterGarden, Gydehutten and former Friday Bar at SDU, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M. 
Use the wayfinder SDU MAPS to get directions.

At the Masters Fair you can meet student advisers, teachers and guidance counsellors, who can tell you about the more than 50 master programmes that SDU has to offer. This is a list of the master programmes offered in English that are present at the Masters Fair.

The drop down menu below lists all of our master programmes. There will be a representative from each programme at our masters fair. Find their stall if you have any questions.

Programmes present at the Masters Fair (list is only in Danish)

Det er ikke alle uddannelser, der er endeligt placeret på standene. Oversigten bliver løbende opdateret.



  • Studieservices Optagelse, SU-vejledningen, Studie- og trivselsvejledningen, SDU International, SDU Erhverv Alumne og SDU Erhverv Karrierevejledning

The WinterGarden

Gydehutten ml. Bøgene og Krogene

Tidligere fredagsbar 


Ret til ændringer forebeholdes. Vi er i gang med planlægningen og ikke alle uddannelser er endeligt placeret på standene, så man må forvente, at der kan komme ændringer.

You can learn more about admission requirements, competences, job opportunities and the content of many different master programmes. You will also have the opportunity to hear about master programmes at The University partnership Denmark – China in Beijing.

Free bus transport

If you are a student in Flensburg, Kolding, Esbjerg, Sønderborg or Slagelse you can get free bus transport to the campus in Odense. Students from Flesburg sign up for the bus from Sønderborg. The buses depart from the main entrance of your SDU campus:

Esbjerg, dpt. 10.30, Main Entrance
Kolding, dpt. 11.15, Main Entrance
Slagelse, dpt. 11.15, Main Entrance
Sønderborg, dpt. 10.15, Main Entrance

Sign up for bus transport
You can always send an e-mail to if you questions about the Master Fair.

Introductions and information meetings

Several of the master programmes invite you to introductions and information meetings. You do not have to register. Just show up at the meetings that you find relevant or interesting. You can find a list of information meetings (it´s not ready yet)held in English.

If you are still in doubt or you would just like to have a chat with a student counsellor about your options, please feel free to contact the Counselling Center.

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