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Introduction to the programme

  • This Programme is offered in Odense
  • The programme is offered in Danish only

During your studies you will learn how to use the technological possibilities and make your software sustainable. You will learn to make software from scratch as well as to further develop existing software. 

Among other things, you will learn:

  • how to develop solutions for online banking that will benefit the customers as well as the banks, protect from hackers, and that can be used on your smartphone
  • about software in cars – and how little of the car is left if you remove the software
  • how an email gets from your girlfriend in New York to you in Denmark.

Software for people and companies

With a degree in Software Engineering you will know how to examine the need for specific software, to specify and analyse these needs, and to design, program and test the software.

During your studies, you will learn to keep track of software and software development, and you will know which software characteristics and qualities will be suited for which job; e.g. to make a software user-friendly, effective, robust and secure.

Your software solutions will be well thought out and based in the cultural and technological context of the people and organisations that will use them.

In brief, you will consider consumer needs and get ideas while at the same time you will get practical experience in actual software design.

This study programme emphasises software development, but you will also learn about programming, IT, interaction design, and social or company relevant issues.

Project work and solving problems for companies

You become part of a project based and problem based study environment where you work in project groups together with your fellow students. 

In the project group you and your fellow students:

  • are responsible for planning and carrying out the project
  • will cooperate and meet the deadlines
  • will solve problems for companies
  • will have access to project room

In the sixth semester you will carry out your bachelor project – often in cooperation with a company.

Versatile career paths

With a degree in Software Engineering you will have a range of job opportunities – in Denmark and abroad. You will be qualified for employment as software developer, mobile application developer, IT and systems architect, systems consultant, software qualifications engineer, and head of IT strategy.

It is also possible to continue your studies with a three-year research programme leading towards a PhD degree. 

Entry requirements and admission

Read about entry requirements and how to apply for admission.

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Faculty of Engineering University of Southern Denmark
  • Campusvej 55
  • Odense M - DK-5230

Last Updated 04.02.2021