BSc in Sociology and Cultural Analysis

  • This Programme is offered in Esbjerg
  • This Programme is taught in Danish

Short introduction

Reasons to study at SDU's Campus Esbjerg







A unique combination of sociology, anthropology and practical experience in one programme
On the bachelor degree programme in Sociology and Cultural Analysis, you will gain a broad knowledge of sociology and anthropology. We are looking for applicants who work with both their brain and heart and want to make a difference to society, organisations and other people.

Practical experience from the start
Right from the start of the programme, you will learn to apply the theories and methods of the field based on a learning-by-doing approach. This happens in so-called semester projects, in which you and fellow students complete real-life projects for private and public organisations.

Each semester has its own theme. To support your work on the semester project, all the courses in the semester are designed around this theme.

Because of the versatile practical experience this will give you, you will be an asset to organisations that need employees who are used to interdisciplinary work and who can carry out many different types of analyses.

You will gain insight into how people, groups, organisations and societies work – knowledge that you can apply directly to socially relevant issues. You will also be able to conduct and explain different types of studies, such as:

  • Interviews
  • Fieldwork
  • Action research
  • Studies using evaluation methods
  • Questionnaire surveys
  • Statistical analyses

Semester projects
Right from the start of the programme, you will work closely with various organisations, for which you will complete a semester project each semester in cooperation with your fellow students and with the help of a university supervisor.

In this way, you will continually apply what you learn in practice. This approach also helps you learn the art of cooperation – both with your project group and with the organisation. Finally, the semester projects will teach you to communicate your results in a clear and understandable manner, so that the organisation can actually use your work. This practical understanding and experience will be a great advantage when you apply for jobs after graduation.

As a student on the Sociology and Cultural Analysis programme, you will have lots of opportunities to specialise based on your interests and thus “customise” your own education. You can do so in your four semester projects, your final bachelor project, and in the fifth semester, where you can choose to take a study period or internship elsewhere in Denmark or abroad.

Many career opportunities
After you complete the bachelor programme in Sociology and Cultural Analysis you can apply for a master’s programme, e.g. in Cultural Sociology.

You will also be ready for the job market, where you can find employment in public and private organisations as well as interest groups and NGOs, for example as a project officer, communication officer or a consultant.

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