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Taught to be independent

'This study programme teaches us everything we need to know about product development – from the idea phase to the manufacturing phase. We are taught everything in connection with product development such as business understanding, engineering subjects, technological developments, product testing and marketing. I like the fact that we are involved in all the phases', says Moritz, who is from Münster in Germany.

Study environment
Moritz knew a bit about Denmark before deciding to move here and for him it was perfectly natural to get a Danish degree. And he has not regretted his decision.

'People are very helpful and there is room for innovation and ideas. I really like my classmates; they are very social and I feel welcome here – and then they are good at taking responsibility for the assignments', says Moritz, who is about to start his third semester of studies.

'You enter a class and from the very start you are part of a project group. That works really well. We are having fun, but we also learn to work very independently. We are committed to the group work and very motivated, because it is our own responsibility to get results'.

Project: domestic mini mill
As a student you carry out a project during the semester: 'Right now my group is working on a project about housing environment, and we are working on an idea we call "build your own wind mill". The idea is to enable the average Dane to build a small wind mill that can generate energy for the house. The materials must be available at a do-it-yourself market, and the mill must be reliable, cheap and functional. However, we do not know yet if we can make the financial ends meet'...

Product developer in the USA
Moritz has a fairly good idea about what he wants to do after graduation: 'I want to be a product manager or product developer. That is a field which really interests me. I would like to work in Denmark, but it is my dream to get a job at a Danish company with an American branch. That would be great', he says.