Credit transfer programme for AP graduates

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The education you have obtained already from the Business Academy, is the fundamental basis you will build on and finally end up with a full Bachelor degree.

You are let off starting from scratch and are only required to supplement your education with further subjects or explore the subjects you have already taken at the business academy, in greater depth.

The credit transfer programme under Business Administration is your chance to get a full Bachelor education and afterwards, the possibility to apply to a Master programme.

The English taught version of Economics and Business Administration is offered in Odense and Sønderborg.

Qualifying academy educations

You can study a Bachelor in Business Administration via the Credit transfer programme once you have finished one of the following educations:

  • Financial Economist
  • Market Economist
  • Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Commercial Economist
  • Logistics Economist
  • Financial Controller
  • Financial Bachelor (the first year must be passed. NOTE: if you have finished the education, you fall within the rules of double degrees)

Admission requirements

  1. Apply via STADS-DANS (link opens here on 1 February)
  2. Apply from 1 February on
  3. Application deadline is 15 March, noon
  4. Programme start is 1 September
How to apply

There are a few vacant programme spots available for the Danish taught programme in Kolding and Esbjerg.  The application portal is re-opened and the vacant spots will be allotted after the principle - first come, first served.


NOTE: You can only apply for the programme once a year.

The link to the application system will be published on this page on 1 February.

Programme start is 1 September.

Entry requirements

To get accepted to the Credit transfer Programme under Economics and Business Administration, you must fulfill the following requirements:

1. Passed Business Academy education

2. Qualifying examination

3. Specific entry requirements:

The entry requirements apply to the programmes no matter which campus you are applying for and which education you have up front.

In addition to the above mentioned entry requirements, you must attend an aptitude test.

Aptitude test 2018

In 2018, the entrance examination in quota 2 for the Credit Transfer programmes consists of:

Note, that you do not have to send a motivated application or a CV along with your application for the Credit transfer programme.


The uniTEST will assess your general aptitude within the following areas:

  • Critical thinking
  • Quantitative thinking
  • Linguistic and cultural thinking
  • Interpersonnel interaction
  • Scientific thinking

The test covers 150 questions and lasts for 3,5 hours.

Read more about the aptitude test and check out its questions. 

Practical information about the aptitude test

The aptitude test takes place on 7 and 8 April 2018. Though, you only have to attend the test on one of the days.

Are you residing in Denmark when the test takes place, you have to attend the test personally at a SDU campus. 

Are you residing outside Denmark, you can attend the online version of the aptitude test via remote proctoring. To be able to attend the online version, special conditions must be fulfilled. The conditions are made public during winter.


Check out the practical information about the uniTEST. 

Number of programme spots

Odense – 5 programme spots available

Sønderborg – 10 programme spots available 

The Credit Transfer programme taught in English is offered in both Odense and Sønderborg. Check more information here.

How to get the Danish State Education Grant (SU) for the Special Bachelor course of study

You can apply for SU for the above mentioned programmes. The number of monthly SU grants, depends partly on the extent of ECTS credit points and the beginning/end of the courses you are registered for. E.g. for a Bachelor course of study covering 90 ECTS credit points, you will be entitled to 17 monthly grants (start 1 September/end 31 January – a total of 17 month).

In case of questions covering your SU, you are welcome to contact Student Services SU.


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Apply for study start September 1st 2018.

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