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More about the study programme

Commencement of Studies for Medicine

The medical programme commences in the months of September and February. During the first days of the programme there is a practical introduction to the city and the university, so you can find your way around. The social tutors will ensure, by means of a series of events in the first month, so that you’ll learn to know your fellow students really well, to the benefit of future cooperation between the students themselves. Throughout the first semester, the students are divided into study groups of 10-14 students. Each study group is assigned a professional tutor, which is an older medical student who acts as mentor and supervisor. During the first month you’ll need to complete a minor scientific task together with your study group.

The teaching during your medicine studies

Teaching of your medicine studies takes place on Campus, in the clinic building at the Odense University Hospital in Winsløwparken. The programme is a course where the emphasis is placed on you acquiring a large portion of the knowledge by self-study. In order to motivate and stimulate this process lectures, group lessons and group work are included. There are practical elements with lab exercises, skills training and clinic internships.
It is a great advantage to participate in reading and study groups where you can review descriptions of outcomes together, solve problems, and the like.

The study environment for medical studies at the University of Southern Denmark

Next to teaching, there is ample opportunity to participate in activities in addition to the actual course of studies. You can engage yourself in the student council, the movie club, the student revue or the lecture association. Medical students have an international organisation, IMCC, which, inter alia, arranges clinic internships abroad for students. The Danish Association of Medical Students (FADL) intermediates relief work for medical students after completing a course.

Every Friday there is a Friday Bar on campus, and on selected Fridays during the semester the Friday Bar is held in Winsløwparken. Keep an eye on the bulletin boards and Sund & Hed.