I like the study programme´s title but can you elaborate a bit more on what it is about?

The MMA program is a cross-disciplinary program designed to draw from the strengths of three major fields of research in social science. The three field are 1. Anthropology, 2. Business administration and economics and 3. Political science and law. The program is designed to give the students a broad understanding of contemporary society and culture, enabling them to fulfill roles and deal with challenges both in the private and public sector as well as NGOs and international organizations. 


What can I do after I graduate? Where can I work?

A bachelor in Market and Management Anthropology provides career opportunities in the private sector, NGO´s, international organizations, government bodies, and other public organizations, within Denmark as well as abroad. 

For Example:

Chief Cultural Officer

Market Researcher & Innovation Facilitator

Organizational Consultant

Development Program Analyst

Upon graduation students can seek further academic specialization by entering a master´s degree programme within Social Science or Business Economy. Students are able to enter the graduate programmes of Cand. Soc/MSc in Cultural Sociology, Cand. Soc/MSc in International Security and Law, or Cand. Merc/ MSc in Economics and Business Administration. Degrees within other fields of Social Science or Business can be pursued through universities in Denmark or abroad.


Which masters programme(s) am I eligible for?

After MMA, the students are eligible for several master programs at SDU:

- Cultural sociology

- Comparative public policy and welfare studies

- International security and law

- Middle Eastern studies

- Kultur og formidling

- Cand negot journalistik

- Retorik

- 7 different cand merc profiles

And beside these a multitude of different master programs outside of SDU.


How much economics/calculus will there be?

There is some mathematics and calculus, however, the programs focus is not on mathematic, rather it is an offer for the students to take as an elective (måske bliver det et vagfag det bliver pt vendt på studienævnet).


How does the “semester abroad” thing work? 

Semester abroad, is an amazing opportunity, to a large extent the international office will assist, and SDU have several partner universities around the world. The students have gone all over the world, Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceanian. The topic you deside to write about is up to you, we have had students who wrote about, sustainable tourism in Sri Lanka, Migration in China, Pokemon in Denmark, BruttoNationalHappiness in Bhutan and the list goes on, the topic is whatever you can imagine and find interesting to study.


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