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New relevant competences

Business leaders and analysts have praised the BSc in Market and Management Anthropology for providing a combination of competences, which mirror the complex issues faced by corporations and their increasing needs for global cultural-economic insight. The degree has been described by large-scale employers as a welcome alternative to more traditional business-oriented degrees.

We need thinking from a new angle. That is why anthropology is good. It provides a cross-disciplinary approach, some tools that can be applied widely: To be able to analyze and see patterns among consumers in different parts of the world, and adapt one´s service. (Hemming Van, CEO, Daloon)

One has to understand the various dynamics of the world order; how new global megatrends arise, and what it means for one’s business. Students should not learn to “reduce complexity” – forget that! They have to be able to see the full range of dynamics and navigate them, and have all their antennas directed towards that (Lisbet Thyge Frandsen, Group Senior Vice President, Grundfos)

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