Entry requirements

BSc in Market and Management Anthropology (17430)

Entry requirements

Are you applying for admission for the Bachelor programme in Market and Management Anthropology (17430) you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Qualifying examination
  2. Specific entry requirements:
    • English on intermediate level (Danish level B) passed with a grade equivalent to a minimum of 3.0 in the Danish 7 point grading scale (2 is passed, 12 is max).
    • Mathematics on intermediate level (Danish level B)
    • History or Social Sciences on intermediate level (Danish level B)

The courses have to be passed and English must be passed with a minimum grade of 3.0 in the Danish 7 point grading scale. Read more about the language requirements.

 You must fulfill the requirements regardless the quota you are applying for.

If you not fulfill the entry requirements

You are able to take completion to meet the specific requirements.

Admission test in quota 2 (2020)

Entrance examination for the Bachelor programme in Market and Management Anthropology consists of the following elements:

  1. Motivational letter (in English)
  2. uniTEST
  3. Structured interview (in English)

Please note:
For a quota 2 assessment you must upload your motivational letter by no later than 15th March, noon via www.optagelse.dk.  

Motivational letter (in English)

The motivational letter will be assessed within the following areas: 

  • Insight into the study programme  
    You are evaluated on your knowledge, insight and understanding of the study programme content. 
  • Programme specific knowledge  
    You possess good mathematical knowledge and insight into social studies. 
  • Motivation  
    You can substantiate your choice of study programme and place of study.
    You have a realistic approach to the effort expected in being able to complete the study programme.


uniTEST assesses your academic aptitude within the following areas, and of which are equally weighted: 

  • Critical reasoning 
  • Quantitative reasoning 
  • Verbal reasoning 

The test duration is 2,5 hours and consists of 90 questions. More information regarding uniTEST and sample test questions can be found here.  

Structured Interview (in English)

The interview is based on your motivational letter and in which an assessment of your professional and social skills will take place within the following areas: 

  • Motivation:  
    You are evaluated on your ability to reflect on the motivations behind your choice of study programme.
  • Communication:  
    We evaluate your communication skills in English. 
  • Knowledge of the programme:  
    You are evaluated on your knowledge, insight and understanding of the content of the programme. 
  • Knowledge of international relations and societal issues:  
    You are evaluated on your international experience and insights in international relations and global societal issues and your ability to reflect upon these.

Selection process

It is solely the results from uniTEST that determines which applicants are selected for the structured interview. The first approx. 70 highest scoring applicants will be invited to the structured interview. The results from the structured interview will determine study place rankings in quota 2. 

We enroll approximately 40 students on Market and Management Anthropology via quota 2.  

Practical information regarding the entrance examination

The uniTEST will take place on the 18 and 19 April at SDU and you can expect to allot a whole day for test participation.
Structured interviews will be held 25 and 26  May.  

Are you staying or living abroad?

If you are staying or living abroad at the time of the uniTEST, then you still have an opportunity of taking the test online.
You can find information regarding participation in the uniTEST from abroad here.
Structured interviews can be conducted via Skype. 

Enrolment and Grade Point Average

Enrolment in 2020

Programme spots 80
Quota 1/2 (%) 50/50
 Grade Point Average in quota 1 8,4

Enrolment in 2019

Programme spots 80
Quota 1/2 (%) 50/50
 Grade Point Average in quota 1 8,0

Notification about sharpening the entry requirements from 2021 on

SDU notifies the sharpening of the entry requirements  from 2021 on. The qualifying examination must be finished and passed with the following minimum grade point average - GPA (.pdf).

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