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Requirements for your physical environment and tools

When taking the uniTEST, imagine that we have moved an exam into your living room. That is why your surroundings must meet certain requirements.

Before the test begins, pan your webcam (and possibly a mirror) so that your exam supervisor can see that the room you are sitting in meets the requirements listed below.

You must sit:

  • At a firm and steady table
  • Alone (presence of other persons or animals is not allowed)
  • In a noise-free room
  • In a well-lit lighting, so that your online exam supervisor can see both you and your surroundings on the webcam

The following items are allowed on your table:

  • Drinks
  • Something to eat, e.g. a snack
  • Pencil and rubber for taking notes
  • Blank sheets of paper (max. 5 sheets)
  • A small mirror or a CD

You can use the following on your computer

  • Acer test app
  • Digital ID downloaded from
  • Bilingual digital dictionary in offline version, e.g. Danish – Norwegian. Recommended especially for applicants who have Danish as a second language.

The following items are not allowed on your table:

  • Mobile phone, smartwatch, MP3 player, camera or other electronic devices (other than the computer that you are using for the test)
  • Extra screen(s)
  • Dictionaries in book form or online version
  • Calculator
  • Lunch box
  • Pencil case
  • Paper notebook or other aids

Your online exam supervisor will also review this with you before the test begins.

Last Updated 04.05.2021