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How to prepare for uniTEST

Prepare yourself for uniTEST

You will not be tested in a certain curriculum where it is required you know the content in advance. All you need to know in answering the questions will be apparent in the test. You can prepare yourself beforehand by knowing which strategy you will apply during the test.

Continuity - don't get stuck on a single question

Time is short and it is therefore important that you do not get stuck on a question but rather continue to the next question and return to the difficult questions later on. A good tip in preparation for the uniTEST is to read as many books, newspapers, articles as you can in training and increasing your reading speed. Learn more about the test and see examples of the test questions here.

Before the test day
  1. You must print out your personal details from SDU´s Self-service page.
  2. You must bring your own Windows PC or MAC (Not Chromebook) as the test will be conducted online. It is important that your computer meets the technical requirements, you can check this on the following link:
  3. You must ensure that your computer is installed with one of the following browser versions:
    1. Latest version of Firefox
    2. Latest version of Internet Explorer (compatibility mode must be disabled)
    3. Latest version of Safari.

Use an additional 3 minutes on the instruction video below showing you how to log into SDU´s network, how to download Exam monitor and how to log in to start the uniTEST. These 3 minutes are time well spent.

Prepare your Windows PC for uniTEST

Prepare your MAC for uniTEST



Are you unsure if your IT equipment meets the test technical requirements please contact, or ring on tele.: +45 65 50 29 90.  

You can also personally show up at our Student Services – IT at our Campus in Odense for a test of your computer’s installation programme and equipment..

On the day of the test

Some applicants will experience a long test day with two or more tests / lectures, whilst others will only be required to solely participate in the uniTEST.

The invitation to the test from will state where and when your attendance is required. Please take note that you need to be in the test room at least 30 minutes prior to test start.

  • Photo ID: either a passport or a driving license for the attendance registration 
  • Your personal details for attendance registration of which can be downloaded from the menu” My info” in the Admission self-service. This must be in the form of a printed version.
  • IMPORTANT: In the test room you must use your print with your log in details on (username and password), which can be downloaded from the menu My Info” in the Admission self-service. The test supervisors will gather all mobile phones in before you enter the room and it is therefore important that you have a printed version of your log in details with you in the test room. 

Please take note that your log in is personal and must be used for every test during the test day.  

Additionally, the following is permitted to bring into the test room:

  • Beverage in a transparent bottle
  • Snacks  
  • Bags can be brought along at your own risk and must be placed out of reach  
  • Pencil for taking notes
  • Bilingual dictionary in a digital offline version

What is not permitted to bring into the test room:

  • Mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras or other electronic devices (apart from your PC or MAC which you will need to conduct the test with) 
  • Dictionaries in book form or online version
  • Calculators
  • Packed lunch
  • Pencil case
  • Notebooks or sheets of paper (the test supervisor will hand out sheets of paper if needed) 

What should I do if I experience problems during the test?

  • If you experience technical issues with your computer, issues with the test itself or you experience any kind of distractions that prevent you from answering the test questions, then you must promptly contact the test supervisor by raising your hand in the air. 
  • It is also possible for you to address one of SDU´s personnel at the Information desk at Campustorvet after test completion on the test day.  
  • If you realise that you have experienced conditions during the test that give rise for concern, or if there are other circumstances you wish to make a complaint about, and have not made us aware of this on the day of the test then please write to It is important that you contact us no later than 4pm on 11th April so that we can deal with your enquiry.

What should I do if I am ill?

If you are unable to attend the entrance examination due to illness, you must contact us at on the day of the test. In some cases, we can offer a make-up examination, but this depends on the individual situation and the application for exemption. The application for exemption must be sent to us no later than the following day from your notice of illness.

After the uniTEST
Some applicants will be called in to a new test later in the springtime as a part of the admission process and some applicants will be finished with their test cycle after the test day on the 10th April.

This of course depends on which programme you have applied for, or if you have applied for several programmes at SDU.  

Click here for more information (.pdf)

Practical information regarding transport and catering


SDU Odense

Campusvej 55
5230 Odense M


By car:

Building a tramway and several new structures at SDU Odense, affects the traffic in the area. So when arriving by car we recommend you follow Fioniavej, 5230 Odense M (SDU vest) to reach the SDU car park, from here you can use entrance S (32). Alternative is to follow Campusvej, where only few additional parking spaces are available. There will be guides available outside in the Parking area who can help you find the entrances.

Public transport by train/bus:

From Odense railway station, you can either take bus no. 41/42 from terminal A.

'SDU Maps' campus map and wayfinder - Campusvej

SDU Maps is our digital campus map that lets you search for classrooms, labs and other facilities. A wayfinding feature leads you directly to the place. Use the search field at the top left.

Please note that the map is not properly supported if you're using the old browser application Internet Explorer!

The map can be accessed at:

Food and beverages

The opening hours for SDU´s canteen is from 07.45 – 19.00. You will be able to purchase from our cold meat buffet, salad bar, sandwiches, sausage rolls, warm food, freshly baked homemade bread and freshly brewed tea and coffee. On your arrival at SDU you will be provided with a water bottle, of which you can refill during the day.

Proved cheating during the aptitude test

Are you cheating (plagiarism), trying to cheat or contribute to cheat during the entrance examination, SDU will report you to the rector. Furthermore, you will be penalized according to the rules about disciplinary actions towards the students of SDU (”Regler om disciplinære foranstaltninger over for de studerende ved SDU”).

Each case will be an individual assessment  to identify the grade of both plagiarism and penalty.

Worst case scenario will be to get expelled permanently  from SDU. No matter if  the person concerned has been registeret at SDU before.

In case of criminal actions, SDU reports the person concerned and the case to the police.

Cheating takes place if an applicant i.a.:
1) Plagiarises
2) Falsifies
3) Fails to disclose information
4) Misleads about one's own effort or results
5) Teamworks with other participants - which is not permitted
6) Receives or offers help to others during the test
7) Has illicit knowledge to the test up front
8) Submits wrong attendance information
9) Attempts to avoid, deactivate or in other ways obstructs the purpose of the use of electronic surveillance by the University