Get ready for the uniTEST

In 2020, the uniTEST will be conducted as an online test with remote proctoring. This means:

  • You’ll participate in the uniTEST online on your own computer.
  • Your participation will be monitored by a remote proctor to ensure that the test is completed in accordance with our rules. The proctor will monitor your screen and will also be able to see you and your surroundings via your webcam.

Monitoring of your test is performed by ProctorU, a company specializing in online tests and exams.

#1 – Create your account at ProctorU and test your IT-equipment

Your participation at the uniTEST will be monitored by an online exam supervisor (proctor) from ProctorU. The proctor secures, through the help of your webcam, microphone and screen monitoring, that you conduct the test correctly. You can conduct the test on a PC and a MAC. You cannot conduct the test on an iPad, tablet or other control systems. Make sure that your computer matches the technical requirements before the test takes place:

NOTE: If you have attended the entrance examination of the  Journalism programme in 2020, you do not create a new account. You use your existing data to book a new exam time.

You are solely responsible for, that your computers set-up and internet connection is compatible with the remote monitoring by ProctorU.
Test your equipment and connection in good time and preferably at the location you expect to take the test from. If you are working from a work computer please note that the security settings can cause some challenges.

#2 – Book an exam time for your uniTEST

After you have tested your equipment, you must book the exam time for the day you must conduct the uniTEST on.

Open the mail you have received from Remember to check your spam filter.

  • Click on the link in your mail, it leads you to
  • Click on Schedule Session and choose one of the offered exam times
  • Click on Process Order ($0.00) and you have booked your exam time.

The uniTEST itself takes 2,5 hours and can be conducted at these times:

  • Wednesday, 15 April: 9am – 11.59pm
  • Thursday, 16 April: Round the clock
  • Friday, 17 April: Round the clock
  • Saturday, 18 April: Round the clock
  • Sunday, 19 April: Round the clock

You must book your exam time no later than 10 April. Note, the exam times are booked after on a first-come, first-served basis. 

#3 Download the TestApp, and try a test sample

Before the test, you must download the ACER TestApp for Windows (requires Windows 7 or above) or Mac (requires Mac OS 10.10 or above).

Download ACER TestApp for Windows

Download ACER TestApp for MAC

  • Once you enter the application, click the uniTEST –SDU icon.
  • Log in using your username and password for AdmissionSDU. You now have access to a sample version of uniTEST until 14 April.

#4 Check out the requirements for you and your physical surroundings

When you attend the uniTEST online, the same rules apply as for a test with physical attendance on campus. You are not allowed to speak loudly to yourself, to be to restless, or to stand up without permission. You are only allowed to use the bathroom as agreed with your proctor. Before the test starts, your proctor will ask you to show your picture ID (passport or driver’s licence) and to show off the room with the help of your webcam. This way, you can document that you are alone in the room and that you have no access to illegal aids.

Al communication with your proctor takes place in English. They are used to speak to students from all over the World. There is no reason to worry about not being understood.

The room

  • You are sitting at a stable desk
  • You are alone (the presence of other persons or animals is not allowed)
  • The room you are sitting in is quiet
  • There is a suitable room temperature and lighting in the room

Helpful aids

  • Blank piece of paper
  • Pen and rubber for taking notes with
  • Bilingual digital dictionary in an offline version

You may have the following items by your desk

  • A printed version of your receipt from SDU (or a screen shot) which states your login information to enter AdmissionSDU. You will not be able to access AdmissionSDU during the test.
  • Picture-ID (passport or driver’s licence). If you do not have a passport or a driver’s licence which you can use as picture ID, contact us via up front.
  • Drinks
  • Snacks

The following items are not allowed

  • Mobile phone, smartwatch, MP3 player, camera or other electronic devices apart from your computer
  • Dictionaries in book form or as an online version
  • Calculators
  • Packed lunch
  • Pencil case
  • Notebook


#5 – Now you are ready for the uniTEST

You must be ready to go in good time on the actual test day, to make sure you can start the uniTEST at the exact exam time you have booked earlier. To start the test, you must:

  • Log into ProctorU. Type in the same username and password you used when creating your account
  • Click on My Sessions
  • Click on Start Session once the countdown timer reaches 0:00. When the session starts Logmeinrescue will automatically download to your computer. The program must remain open during the whole session.

Wait for your proctor to establish contact. Be patient, you must expect some waiting time. Once your proctor and you have checked your room and ensured that the room meets the
requirements, you are ready to take the uniTEST

  • Open ACER TestApp
  • Choose uniTEST
  • Log in with your username and password for AdmissionSDU
  • Click on Start Test (choose Danish or English version)

If you need help during the test, reach out for your proctor in the chat window.

Good luck and have a great time

Terms and regulations

If you experience problems during the test

If you experience technical issues with your computer, with the test itself or any other distractions which prevents / delays you from answering the questions, you must straight away make your proctor aware of the issue.

You must contact us directly after you have conducted your uniTEST (on the test day), and no later than two days after your test took place, if you feel that specific circumstances during the test might have caused concerns or if you want to file a complaint about specific conditions – we can solely handle your enquiry when it is received in time. You must send your complaint to

In case you get sick

If acute sickness prevents you from participating in the uniTEST, you must contact us via no later than one day before the test takes place.

It is your responsibility

You are solely responsible in making sure that your computer meets the technical requirements and you are responsible in checking that your computers set-up and internet connection is compatible with the remote monitoring by ProctorU.


If you cheat, you will risk never being able to apply for a Bachelor´s at SDU again.

Worst case scenario, you will be permanently expelled from the university – even if you have not been registered at the university before. Where criminal circumstances are involved the university will notify the police of this matter.

It is deemed cheating if you do the following:

  • Try to evade, deactivate or by other means stop the university´s use of electronic surveillance programme
  • Plagiarise / copy
  • Forgery
  • Conceal something
  • Mislead regarding own efforts or results
  • Include yourself in unauthorized collaborations
  • Receive help during the test or help others
  • Wrongfully have knowledge of the test beforehand
  • Submit incorrect registration information


Contact information

In case you need IT-support or if you have any other questions to the holding of the uniTEST, you are welcome to contact us via or by phone +45 6550 3420.

  • 20 – 24 April: 8am – 11pm
  • 25 April: 8am - 4pm

Read more about uniTEST and check out a sample of test questions