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How to prepare yourself for the entrance examination with remote proctoring

When participating in the uniTEST via remote monitoring it is via your own computer.
Your participation will be monitored via an additional programme called ProctorU, which is a company that has specialised itself in offering online tests and exams.

The deadline for uniTEST registration is March 23, at noon, and here you can select participation in the test from abroad.
You must make sure that your computer matches the technical requirements and you are solely responsible for checking that your computers set-up and internet connection is compatible with the remote monitoring by ProctorU.
If you are taking the test from a public place such as a school, university etc. then firewalls will most likely block your internet connection. It is therefore a good idea to test your equipment and connection in good time and preferably at the location you expect to take the test from.

How to test your equipment

  • Go to and create an account. Click on Sign up and state “The University of Southern Denmark” as your institution.
  • Click on to do a control test of the computer.
  • Make connection by clicking on “live technician”/”connect to a live person” to make sure that the computer matches the tests requirements.
  • Once you have made sure that your computer is correctly set up, you can proceed in booking a time slot for test completion.

How to book a time slot for uniTEST

  • Log into your ProctorU account and choose Schedule new session -> Spring 2020 -> uniTEST

How to book your time slot for the programme specific tests

If you are participating in the programme specific tests via remote monitoring, you will see this under My info at OptagSDU from 6 April onwards

  • Log into your ProctorU account and choose Schedule new session -> Spring 2020 -> choose the programme specific test you are participating in

Book a time slot with ProctorU during the period 6 – 16 April at noon, Danish time

Please be aware of the time zone difference when taking the uniTEST from abroad and when choosing AM for
PM for the test time.

You can take the test from Saturday 18 April at 9AM Danish time and 48 hours onwards.

If you experience any problems, try testing from another computer. You can contact Admission via OptagSDU or ring on tele.: 0045 6550 1051 on weekdays from 10 – 14.

1. Requirements to the physical surroundings

Before the test can be completed online you must make sure that the physical surroundings meet the following requirements:

  • You are sitting at a stable desk
  • You are alone (the presence of other persons or animals is not allowed)
  • The room you are sitting in is quiet
  • There is a suitable room temperature and lighting in the room

When taking the test, you may have the following by your desk:

  • Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Pen and rubber for taking notes with
  • Blank piece of paper
  • Bilingual digital dictionary in an offline version

The following is NOT allowed:

  • Mobile phone, smartwatch, MP3 player, camera or other electronic devices (apart from your computer which you need to complete the test with)
  • Dictionaries in book form or as an online version
  • Calculators
  • Packed lunch
  • Pencil case
  • Notebook

Your proctor (online exam supervisor) will run this through with you before the test starts.

2. Terms and regulations

If you experience problems during the test
If you experience technical issues with your computer, with the test itself or any other distractions which prevents / delays you from answering the questions then you must straight away make your proctor aware of this.

In case of sickness
If acute sickness prevents you from participating in the uniTEST and programme specific tests via remote monitoring you may be offered to take these tests on 22 April instead. You must contact us at by no later than the day of the uniTEST.

It is your responsibility

You are solely responsible in making sure that your computer meets the technical requirements and you are responsible in checking that your computers set-up and internet connection is compatible with the remote monitoring by ProctorU.

If you cheat, you will risk never being able to apply for a Bachelor´s at SDU again.
Worst case scenario you will be permanently expelled from the university – even if you have not been registered at the university before.
Where criminal circumstances are involved the university will notify the police of this matter.

It is deemed cheating if you do the following:

  • Try to evade, deactivate or by other means stop the university´s use of electronic surveillance programme
  • Plagiarise / copy
  • Forgery
  • Conceal something
  • Mislead regarding own efforts or results
  • Include yourself in unauthorized collaborations
  • Receive help during the test or help others
  • Wrongfully have knowledge of the test beforehand
  • Submit incorrect registration information