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Students Help Rowers

  • This Programme is offered in Sønderborg
  • This Programme is taught in English

As part of their project work, students from the Mads Clausen Institute have developed a number of technical tools to help Danish rowers to continue to be among the best in the world.

Optimisation through technology
Among other things, they have developed a small mechanism for the oars (see photo), which informs the rowers of the exact angle of the oar. This allows the crew to learn during training how to keep the oars at an angle which is optimal for rowing.

Another invention provides the rowers with direct feedback on their posture when they train with the rowing machine. This allows them to optimise their own movements and to synchronise them with the rest of the crew.

Engineering students cooperate with gold medal winner
The students from Engineering, Innovation and Business and IT Product Design, who are responsible for the new products, have cooperated with national rowing coach Thomas Poulsen. In the past, Poulsen has won gold in the lightweight men’s four and therefore he could help the students understand the training process for elite rowing.