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Programme offered in Danish only
Technology constitutes an increasingly large part of our world. Technology results in a series of opportunities for people and enables us to communicate, become smarter and broaden our horizons.

Information Studies focuses on information and communication and how they occur between people and between people and IT.

You will learn about communication and the social functions of communication. You will learn how information is structured, and about how you, via technology, treat and save information making it accessible and operable for users.

Theory and practice

The programme allows you to put your theoretical knowledge into practice as there are many project tasks. We also go on a number of study trips, enabling you to see how your education may be used in the labour market.

Students have previously collaborated with students from other programmes on communication projects on the internet. Recently, a group of information studies students worked with a group of history students on creating a virtual museum for Ribe Jernindustri.

Working or studying?

A bachelor's degree in information studies is a 3 year programme, and you may apply for jobs once you graduate. You may also decide to continue your studies on a 2 year Master's degree programme, thus ending up with, for instance, an MA in Web Communication.