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Mikael Hansen (M. Sc. Sports & Health) graduated in 2015 and currently works as a Project Manager in Dansk Skoleidræt. He tells about his work and how sports studies are relevant. 

"I work in Dansk Skoleidræt, where I work as a project leader in the programme 'Sunde Børn Bevæger Skolen' (Healthy Children Move the School). Right now, I'm using a lot of my energy on the project 'Styr på Sundheden' (Managing Health). The overall goal of the project is to put more of a focus on health education in schools. Teachers will get inspiration as to how they can work with broad and positive health concepts and students get a better understanding of how many different factors influence their health. But I also work in the project 'Gåbus og Mini-motorik' (Gåbus and Mini-motor skills). It is very varied, and it is quite wonderfuld that I can use my education every day. I use my education when I manage a project, read articles, cooperate with colleagues and external partners, teach and/or manage a process. 

I think sports studies is relevant because society is facing major challenges when it comes to teaching citizens about broad and positive health concepts and teaching about good and healthy habits. And that is what we as sports students can help promote, because we have a very holistic and recognisable approach to people and their challenges."


Signe Asferg Rasmussen (M. Sc. Sports & Health) graduated in 2012 and currently works as a Project Manager in Dansk Skoleidræt. She tells about how she chose the programme and how she uses her skills in her daily work. 

"I was curious about everything that is behind sports - because sports is not just about playing a sport a couple a times of week, exercising for fitness or playing in a competition. Sport is so much more than that - the knowledge, theory, history, the body, the mind and particularly the social. I had experienced the study programme in a transition course that really captured me - and made me curious about the entire programme. I am a Project Manager in Dansk Skoleidræt, where I have worked with different projects - everything from health education, physical education, movement during playtime, motor skills and major sports events. I use project management tools daily and I use my knowledge of sports and health in general daily. I am also sometimes an instructor in various courses where I use the experience I have built up during the course of study."


Uffe Lykke Vind (M. Sc. Sports & Health) graduated in 2014 and currently works as Elite Sports Consultant in Aabenraa Municipality. Uffe tells about the skills the programme has given him and how he uses them in his daily work.

"Generally, you could say that it is the general academic skills that I use most in my daily work. I.e. the ability to analyse, explain and relate to new knowledge and use it, as well as project management. The best thing the programme has led to is the ability to stand in front of people and motivate, teach or inspire. I use this on almost a weekly basis, as well as the analytical approach to solving problems. I think the programme is more relevant than ever. Because I experience that there are a lot of places where sports and health science skilss come into play and can be used. I also experience that the developmental approach to physical education helps me develop ideas in my work. If you have any interest at all in sports, body and movement, I would recommend the course of study anytime. One thing is that you come out with an education that is relevant and with a lot of professional skills. But because you are challenged in many parameters during the course of study: physically, mentally and socially, I experience that the graduates who come through Sports and Health are some truly thoughtful people who can see things from many different angles and rarely have any negative outlook on a task."