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Student testimonials

It’s not only after your Sports and Health studies are completed that you’ll be able to get going with it. Here are some examples of what students in the subject Sport and Design have achieved already during the programme!


Four sports students who participated in the subject Sport and Design have launched a motion app, a Movejam, which will make it easier to find and create free sporting activities.  


Charlotte and Maria are both students from Sports and Health, SDU. In the sports sector 2016 Development Forum they told about their upcoming app called It will provide pregnant women evidence-based, scientific advice regarding exercise and health.

Up, off the couch and out on your bike

Nadia Kamph Rasmussen and Marie Franch Jensen from Sports and Health at SDU have, in collaboration with Novo Nordisk, launched a project to get men over 50 up from the couch and out on their bikes.