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Your choice of line of study

The "Movement and Teaching" line of study

If you choose "Movement and Teaching", you will be able to work with teaching in upper secondary school and in other youth programmes, at colleges and similar educational institutions.

You can also work with organising or being involved in courses related to movement and teaching e.g. in folk high schools.

Finally, you will be able to work with initiating and organising activities connected to e.g. sports clubs or various forms of active holidays. 

The "Physical Activity, Exercise and Health" line of study

If you choose "Physical Activity, Exercise and Health", you will be able to work with exercise and health and promoting health throughout the course of life from childhood, youth and working life to old age.

This could be working in the municipality's prevention centre, with health promotion in private companies, workplaces or schools, in the fitness industry or as a personal trainer. 

The "Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship" line of study

If you choose "Sports, Innovation and Entrepreneurship", you will be able to work with facilitating, designing and conducting your own activities, working with movement innovation in organisations or reimagining e-learning in schools.

This could also be working with movement development in the area of eldercare (health, monitoring and well-being) and working as a health innovator in companies. 

What you can become

After finishing the Bachelor's degree in Sports and Health, you can choose between many different Master's degree programmes. If you want to be an upper secondary teacher, you may want to combine your sports education with another upper secondary subject - e.g. mathematics, physics, Danish, history and social studies. 

Here, you can see the organisation of the programme

See all sports facilities in the study programme. (Only available i Danish)