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Learn to promote employee motivation and performance

A Bachelor's programme in Economics and Business Administration contains a broad range of business economics subjects, including marketing, accounting, finance, IT, planning, and organisational theory. It provides you with a versatile set of business skills that can be used in both private and public companies and within a wide range of industries. A BSc in Economics and Business Administration from SDU enables you to hold a position within virtually any of a company's administrative functions.

You will learn how to measure and evaluate employee performance, promote motivation and performance through management, and the critical aspects of a performance culture will be involved. 

The programme was designed for those of you, who would like to continue with your studies in HRM or strategy and management on a Master's degree programme, or for those of you with a Bachelor's degree, who wish to continue working within staff administration. The programme is the first step towards a career as a HR manager or HR consultant in the private or public sector.


For more information, please visit the Danish webpage.